Whips, Blindfolds And Handcuffs

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Never let your ego get in the way of sexual pleasure and getting secured with some handcuffs is a great way to start.  Use these sometimes painful devices to add some spice to your usual sex with these bdsm toys. It is been recommended to use a smaller whip to begin and practise your technique before making your way to a larger whip.

A smaller whip is usually easier to control but can still leave a tingle. Always remember to never aim your whip at someone’s face.


Whips can be seen as corporal punishment.

Back in history, whips were used as punishment and there was a certain allure to them. Today there are many types of whips to choose from including standard whips, lashes, cat o nine tails, floggers and leather whips. Whips are usually used in conjunction with other forms of restraints such as handcuffs or under the bed restraints.

Crops are very similar to whips and could be classified under the same category. Whips may be made out of a variety of material including cane, bamboo, leather, plastic and latex.

Erotic spanking is done in BDSM circles usually with cane or a paddle. Some people consider pain an aphrodisiac and deep down enjoy the pain that is associated with whips. There are special outfits one could purchase called a spanking outfit which leaves the bottom exposed so one wouldn’t have to continuously remove articles of clothing. These outfits are usually leather or latex based.  Some people love the erotic touch that gets brought on by spanking as well.

handcuffs and huge whips
Huge selection of whips


When you lose a sense, the remaining senses you have heighten and that’s why everyone should have at least one blindfold in their treasure chest of toys.

By taking away sight, you are increasing the importance of the other senses; taste, hearing, smell and touch. The anticipation created by not being able to see what your partner is doing can drive one wild with excitement. Also facial masks are popular with options of keeping the eyes, nose or mouth visible. Most fetish adult toy sets come with included blindfolds which are worth using.


Excellent for power play and domination between partners.

When people are opening up to the sexual adventures of kink, this is often their initial item of fantasy.  A pair of handcuffs is a great way to spice up a relationship and recreate that spark. There are numerous varieties, materials and designs for restraint and bondage for those who enjoy their handcuffs and want to explore further.

Handcuffs are a part of rough sex.

It’s one thing to tie someone together however, leaving them affixed to a solid object like a bed is very kinky. Once your partner is restrained by handcuffs, they are at your digression and lack the ability to freely move. Try using a vibrator on your female partner while she’s in restraints so she lacks the ability to control its movements on it’s own.


The most popular style of handcuffs are fluffy material cuffs, followed by the anodized steel hand cuffs. Most handcuffs have an emergency unlock latch, so if you lose the key it’s not the end of the world.