Sex Products That Assist With Disabilities (Position Enhancers)

 Sex Position Enhancers For People With Disabilities

There are a variety of products out there that can Assist With Disabilities people may have to improve in sexual activity. At Adult Lifestyle Centres we do our best to keep the majority of this stock on hand. As well as keeping on the lookout for new innovative products which can also assist people with disabilities. To top it off our store is a wheelchair accesible adult shop.

From here, there are generally considered to be two forms of sexual products which can provide assistance to individuals with disabilities. The first being products which directly apply stimulation, such as vibrators, masturbators such as Fleshlight’s and Adult Toys.

A second category which can provide assistance are position masters, or Adult Products which provide assistance in the positioning of bodies to aid with sexual activity, such as sex swings or sex furniture.

Assist With Disabilities
sex furniture

Different Types of Products

Type of product that an individual needs depends on the type of disability that they have, muscle movement and control, as well as their general ability to move. As such careful consideration needs to be given in terms of this to ensure that the product is beneficial to the individuals overall enjoyment.

Failure to consider a person’s disability in regards to their movement capacity can result in obtaining an unsuitable product which could potentially result in frustration for all involved.

If it’s for a couple, then the couples sexual aide should be well researched, and be able to take into consideration all levels of disability. This consideration should also extend to how much external assistance is required in setting up, and whether or not the individual(s) need assistance in getting into position.

Further consideration should also be given as to whether there needs to be further support provided such as accessible supports, grab bars, counter tops, or a dedicated pulley system.

Position Enhancers

In this article we will explore sexual position enhancers which involves a variety of sex furniture, sex seats, and straps. Which can assist in helping maintain positions for sexual activity, just like what would be used in their daily life. For example, the considerations given to a disability in order for them to still be able to shower unassisted or with as little assistance as possible.

We’ll start off with something fairly simple which is the penetration station by Sportsheets.

Sport Sheets is a company which has been actively engaged in providing products that support individuals with disabilities. Indeed, from 2009, the CEO of Sport sheets Tom Founder has been involved in the Wounded Warrior project, whose mission statement is;

 ‘To Provide Unique, Direct Programs And Services To Meet The Needs Of Injured Service Members.’


Prides itself on being a company which assists with sexual positioning for people with disabilities and making sex easier for all involved.  Accessibility of sexual activity is an important component of an individual. Just because one has a disability does not mean that they should be cut off from all forms of intimacy and sexual activity.

Assist With Disabilities
Sportsheets Sex Toys
Sportsheets penetration station

An effective couples sexual aide which is secured around the mattress for support. Comes with four tethers that can be used for feet and hand support which pop out at the base and the head of the bed.

This provides an ability for a myriad of different positions which can be used by either couple to maintain balance and support. Ensure that people aren’t falling out of the bed. Further tethers can be added as per necessary.

These tethers allow for better support for an individual. Provides an ability to pull themselves upwards for a better angle. Removing the need for pillows and other products which, over extended use, can instigate back pain, muscle pain or general tiredness.

Tethers Assist With Balance

These tethers may also provide an ability to balance, or keep the legs elevated and supported at an appropriate angle. Penetration station is completely adjustable and will fit any sized mattress. Further, is also easily transportable to hotels, partners places or ‘safe’ places whereby it can easily be assembled and disassembled.

Alternatively it can be easily hidden underneath the mattress to ensure privacy.

With the attachments made from neoprene, you can rest assured that it’s going to be a comfortable fit. Things that you’ll need to consider for this piece is that it may require initial set up from a third individual. Or that the people engaging in sexual activity may need assistance in getting into position.

This product comes with a DVD to help with the set-up as well as exploring different position which may be used by the couple to achieve penetrative sexual intercourse.

Liberator Sex Toys Assist With Disabilities
bedroom furniture


An American company which has been crafting sex furniture from their Atlanta headquarters for over 12 years. It is their mission to turn rooms into an accessible and supportive space for all kinds of intimacy regardless of shape, size and ability levels.

They have done this by creating furniture which provides ergonomically designed angles, elevations, motions and curves. In order to accommodate and facilitate the movement of the human body during sexual activity.

Liberators mission statement is to enhance the intimacy of love making through the inspiration of romantic imagination and sexual creativity. They aim, through the use of their sex furniture, to make sexual activity to be both rewarding and exciting for all involved.

Liberator Wedge and Ramp combo is one of the more popular selling items from the liberator range. It comes in two variants, the standard variant and also the ‘black range’ variant which is ideal for soft bondage.

Liberator Black Label Range

Black label variant can be considered for people who suffer from muscle spasms. Need a little more support in maintaining position, the cuffs can be used for consensual restraint, or simply as a tether to hold onto.  To facilitate this the cuffs are made from soft material for the ultimate in comfort and durability. They have Velcro straps to ensure ease of use.

Further support is granted through the weight of the individual pressing down on the ramps. It is this which ensures that the combo set is ideal for creating positions. Allow for deep penetrative sexual activity as well as having an ability to provide support for people who require soft mattresses, or memory foam beds.

Assist With Disabilities

Combo and wedge set is extremely versatile in its applications.

Supports a range of different positions which include oral, 69, enhanced missionary as well as doggy style/from behind sexual positions. Angles are ergonomic in design and are created to take the majority of the pressure off the bodies during sexual activity by putting both bodies in a comfortable and stable position.

What makes this unique from a variety of other sex furniture?

Ability to move the wedge up the ramp allowing you to provide the needed support anywhere on your body. This can be useful in accommodating various types of back injuries from lower to upper back. By using this furniture one will be taking pressure off an individual’s knees, wrists and back.

Assist With Disabilities
Sex Furniture

Thigh Rider or Thigh Strap-on

A type of toy that has been replicated through numerous companies, including Sportsheets. It allows a person to be able to retain a sitting position whilst their partner lowers themselves onto the thigh strap. With the attached dildo, to achieve penetrative sex.

It is ideal for people confined to wheelchairs. Or people that have restricted movement and still want to engage in sexual activity.

Due to the nature of the toy and where it’s positioned, this can still allow for visual erotica in the form of men’s and women’s lingerie.

There are several benefits to using a thigh strap

First of which is that it frees up the hands of the individuals to ensure that they can engage in bodily contact, and other intimate activities. A thigh strap is also quite versatile in that the dildo can be swapped in and out for different sizes. Ensuring complete satisfaction for all.

assist with disabilities
Thigh Dildo

With the nature of the strap, it can still allow partners closeness for kissing, and snuggling thereby keeping the activity intimate. It should be noted that it does require mobility to put on. May need to be put on by a second individual before sexual activity – this is particularly important for people who cannot move their legs unassisted.

This device can be used whilst still in a wheelchair, in any kind of comfortable seat, or even on the edge of a bed, dependant on the mobility of the users. An alternative to the Thigh Strap on would be a ‘body bouncer’ or a sex seat.

assist with disabilities
sex seat

A Sex Seat

This sex seat is positioned over a person laying down and consists of two steel frames with a soft, crotch-less rubber/plastic seating. Flexing of the thigh muscles will result in the seat ‘dropping’ over an erect penis for penetrative engagement. This toy can also be used for solo penetrative masturbation, which will see a suction cup dildo placed underneath the seat instead.

This is ideal for individuals that do not have the muscle strength or co-ordination to bounce by themselves, as this device takes much of the hard work out of the equation.

It should be noted that the person sitting on the seat will require good balance, or access to grab bars to maintain balance and positioning. The seat is considered to be lightweight, and may not require additional set up from a third party.

Sex Slings

An alternative option to any of the above. Sex slings can be exceptionally versatile and can be altered to accommodate virtually any type of sexual activity for any disability. Tom Stewart, Founder of Sportsheets, demonstrated this when he constructed a sex sling to hoist a young soldier up from the ground. So that he could be on ‘top’ whilst penetrating his girlfriend.

This individual had no movement or sensation below his neck (he achieved erections through a needle). Sex sling allowed him to be intimate with his girlfriend in profoundly new ways. All with the push of a button once he was in position. Sex slings can come in the form of an A frame, or they can be attached to a ceiling hook and hung from the ceiling.

Sex slings can simply be a couple of straps to hold

Support the body in particular ways, or they can be almost like a hammock with hand and feet stirrups. The options, and versatility of sex swings is endless. Downside to sex slings is that they are often large and cumbersome and although they can be disassembled and put away.

This can be time consuming to put up and take down. Sex slings are ideal for people that have privacy and space in order to keep them set up. In most cases they will require a third party to assemble, disassemble or to put an individual in position.

assist with disabilities
sex slings
There are several different types of sex slings

Either a full body sling, a wheelchair hoist sling, or anything in between. What the sling does is take pressure off the body completely, and allow the user to maintain a comfortable and appropriate position in order to engage in sexual activity. This is often referred to as weightless sex.

It is ideal for people that suffer from paraplegia or quadriplegia, or those that have suffered a spinal injury and have poor mobility.

Quadraplegics and Paraplegics

It is interesting to note that some quadriplegics and paraplegics will already have a wheelchair hoist in their home. Some of these can be modified, adjusted and added to create a sex sling. Avoiding the expense of a dedicated wheelchair sex sling. Occupational therapists can be used in this regard to help modify already existing tools for the specific disabilities of an individual.

Sling is suitable for people of different sizes and disabilities. It is in most cases, surprisingly easy to adjust the height and angle of the body for sexual positioning, through a pulley or automated system. This can generally be done without diminishing arousal levels. Can also be done on the fly during sexual activity to provide variations and changes to the sexual activity.

You Need Quality Swings

Quality swings will provide neoprene supports in the shape of padded support for lower back and thighs, and also provide stirrups for the feet or legs. From there it is simply a matter of finding which position best matches the disability and needs of the couple. Sex slings mean that difficult positions are no longer limited to able bodied, athletically gifted people.

The sling will allow a couple to be far more sexually adventurous and to explore their fantasies and desires in weightlessness sex. It helps renew sexual energy to couples by providing new avenues for their sexual adventures regardless of their abilities and disabilities. Renew romantic interest and can potentially result in a renewed passion in the bedroom as they find new ways to explore their bodies.

Adult Lifestyle Centres

All products are all stocked by Adult Lifestyle Centres, but this list should not be considered an exhaustive list. Indeed, Sportsheets and Liberator have a wide variety of sexual positioning devices which range from hand to leg supports, as well as providing comfortable and ergonomic designs for differing body shapes and different body positions.

Remain considerate of the individual needs of all involved and to provide accommodations for their abilities and disabilities.

What works for one may not work for the other!