Embarking On Sexual Activity Post Prostate Cancer

Having Sex Post Prostate Cancer – Sex After Cancer

Sexual function can be limited Post Prostate Cancer. Erections may be non-existent or one may struggle to achieve an erection at all. A once healthy and virile male may consider themselves to be less of a man after prostate surgery due to their lack of penis function.

The idea of being a male is tied closely to one’s ability to gain and maintain an erection. If this has ability has been diminished, some men will often succumb to depression or resent sexual activity because they feel less of a man.

Some men will be able to cope and handle the news quite well. The journey of prostate cancer is unique to every male.

Effects of Treatment

Treatments of prostate cancer can have effects on one’s sexual function are not always discussed until after surgery. Even then sometimes it’s not discussed at all. This is why Adult Lifestyle Centres wanted to work with local urologists.

We had repeatedly had clients coming in seeking ideas to engage in sexual activity post prostate surgery. And we wanted to help. We noticed that not everyone was talking about sex. It was this that we wanted to change. As such, we did our own research. Aided by doctors and urologists, tweaked our stock, and came up with various solutions when it came to sexual activity post-prostate cancer.

Penis Pumps/ Vacuum Pumps

Post Prostate Cancer
penis pumps

So, penis pumps and vacuum devices have been around for a while. But they have generally been associated with a penis enlargement device more than anything else. A vacuum pump generally consists of an acrylic cylinder with a hand or electric pump. The cylinder is attached directly over the shaft of the penis. And the pump is used to create a vacuum.

This vacuum accelerates blood flow to the shaft and helps the user achieve an erection. Penis pumps work best with cock rings. Cock rings should always be used with a penis pump.  Once an erection has been achieved, a stretchy cock ring is applied to the base of the shaft in order to maintain the erection.

A handy tip here would be to ensure that you put the cock ring over the cylinder. So that as you’re removing the cylinder, you can pull the cock ring over so that it is easily and quickly in place.

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Mens Cock Rings

Using A Penis Pump

Penis pumps are used in a very similar way to vaginal pumps, breast pumps. And pretty much every other pump you can think of. It is recommended that the genital region be shaved or trimmed to help with achieving a suitable vacuum. Then a thick water based lubricant is applied to the area.

Lubricant will help maintain the seal and in creating the vacuum necessary to promote blood flow. From here, the cylinder is then carefully placed over the shaft of the penis. You would remove the air from the cylinder by activating the pump manually. Which will cause the vacuum to draw blood into the shaft. This will result in the swelling of the shaft and help you in achieving an erection.

It may take several minutes and it is recommended that this be done slowly so as not to cause any damage to the delicate tissue of the shaft, or any of the arteries. Releasing and slowly increasing the vacuum may be required to accelerate blood flow into the shaft.

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Once an erection has been achieved, a cock ring needs to be applied to the shaft.

A cock ring may be snapped on with the vacuum device still attached. Or a stretchy erection band may have been placed onto the cylinder before the start of pumping. If this is the case slide the band over the lip of the cylinder onto the base of the penis. Release the vacuum and remove the cylinder.

With this erection sexual activity can be safely engaged with for up to thirty minutes before the cock ring needs to be removed and the penis massaged. This will prevent bruising and any damage to the delicate tissues from having the circulation restricted.

If at any time the penis becomes numb to touch.

Immediately remove all devices and massage the shaft until normal blood flow returns and try again another day.  If you have issues with arthritis in your hands, then the ideal penis pump will be Bathmate.

Bathmates are excellent pumps that can be used in the water and don’t require squeezing the hands. Instead, they work differently by having the cylinder pulled against the body.

Penis pumps and vacuum devices aren’t just for people that have had prostate surgery

But can be utilised by anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction through diabetes, cancer treatments, poor blood flow. Or psychological illnesses such as anxiety or depression. Studies have suggested that up to 80% of men are satisfied through using a penis pump to help with erectile dysfunction. Though this number may decrease over time and age.

Be aware that men who have had a priapism or have a congenital bleeding disorder should not use vacuum pumps under any circumstances.

Male Strap Ons

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Male Strap Ons

An alternative to vacuum devices though it does diminish the physical pleasure derived from sexual activity.

A male strap is a form of sexual aid for men, though not exclusively for his own pleasure. It generally involves a hollow dildo and waist straps. A hollow dildo is placed over the shaft of the penis with the waist straps holding the device in place.

This is specifically recommended for people who have significant erection issues or are unable to use a penis pump for whatever reason. Or for people who want to engage in extended sexual sessions that a normal pumping device will not accommodate.

A strap-on provides an ‘erect’ penis with which to sexually penetrate their partner.

There are also other types of strap-ons which are crotch-less.  So that an individual can seamlessly rotate between their own penis and the strap on depending their arousal level and/or strength of erection.

Male strap-ons are also used for people who suffer from premature ejaculation and who want to continue sexual activity for their partner despite reaching climax. This allows for mental pleasure and satisfaction. And can often result in a reduction of the refractory period whereby the male can achieve an erection again.

Post Prostate Cancer

These are but two of the Adult products that are available at all Adult Lifestyle Centres which can help with sexual activity after prostate surgery.

As you can see, their applications extend beyond cancer treatment. They can accommodate any sort of erectile dysfunction whether that be a permanent erectile dysfunction or a temporary erectile dysfunction.