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Masturbation For Pain Relief – Yes, Really!!

by abhayalc

It isn’t something that people usually like to talk about, but is Masturbation For Pain Relief good for you?  It can be a huge help when it comes to managing chronic pain and stress-related issues. More studies are showing how masturbation can relieve pain than there are showing the opposite! So what’s the deal? Why […]

Sex Tricks for The disabled

by abhayalc

There are very many Sex Tricks and positions that have various names and promise intense orgasms.  Unfortunate thing is that they usually require some level of strength, flexibility and balance.  This can be hard for people living with disabilities.  For individuals living with disabilities, there is a feeling that an adventurous sex life or just simple […]

Sex and Disabilities!

by abhayalc

Sex and Disabilities. Every human being has fantasies, desires, feelings and sexual thoughts irrespective of whether the person is normal or disabled. Disability might be among some crucial challenges that will face your sex life. People with disabilities might experience the following problems. Inability to engage in regular sex life Disability of any kind might […]

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