Safer Sex

Adult Lifestyle Centres Safer Sex Guide

There has been an increase in sexually transmissible infection rates that has resulted the New South Wales government now actively promoting the Safer Sex message for teenagers and young adults as to why safe sex is important.

Testing between new sexual partners is recommended and results remain strictly between yourself and your health care provider. Around 17,000 cases of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV were reported to health authorities in 2010.  With about half of those occurring in people aged 18 to 25.

Sexual health is an important part of sexual activity. There are a widening amount of preventative measures being developed to help facilitate sexual health and awareness.

Safer Sex
STD pills

One of these new measures is through the use of PrEP.

PrEP is a drug which has been developed to assist in the prevention of spreading HIV. It stands for Pre Exposure Prophylaxis, which is where the acronym has been developed from. It is an instrumental and preventative tool being used by the Sexual Health industry to prevent HIV in NSW by 2020.

Unlike PEP (standing for Post Exposure Prophylaxis) PrEP is being used as a preventative measure. As opposed to a retroactive measure, to HIV infection and is being trialled within the queer community and the HIV positive community and other communities which have a high risk and rate of HIV infection.

Use of Truveda is an important safeguard against infection rates

Has the potential to provide global implications upon the conclusion of the trial. It must be noted that whilst PrEP is a preventative measure to contracting HIV when engaging in sexual activity with a HIV+ Individual. Does not protect against other sexually transmitted diseases, and as such, safe sex is still recommended.

There is concern within the community that the prevalence of PrEP will ultimately see a higher rate of infection in regards to other STI’s. As more and more people engage in unprotected sex under the illusion that they are protected.


Adult Lifestyle Centres promotes safe sex by encouraging regular condom use during intercourse and proper toy care maintenance.

Male condoms are a thin sheath (usually made out of latex or polyurethane material) which encase the penis and prevent the transmission of sexual fluids between partners. Condom use is 98% effective in the prevention of pregnancies and STI’s but only when used correctly. A condom must be placed over the penis before ALL sexual activity, and not just used as a preventative measure to encase ejaculate just before climaxing.

There can still be the transmission of STI’s through pre-ejaculate fluid as well as condoms do not protect you from genital warts, herpes and syphilis. As such it can still be your first time with sexual activity. There might not even be any penetration. But you can still end up with a STD, no matter how ‘good’ you thought you were being by not going all the way.

safer sex
Condoms will generally only break under specific conditions

Size of the condom is incorrect, not enough lubricant was applied, or a lubricant which caused degradation on the condom material was used. It is therefore important to use the correct lubricant on a condom. As well as ensuring you’re wearing the correct size, to avoid unnecessary breaking of the condom.

safer sex with condoms
Brands of Condoms

Condom Brands

  • Ansell – Skyn Non Latex condoms.
  • Zero Uber Thin condoms – Ansell.
  • Checkmate Lubricated condoms.
  • EXS Max protection condoms.
  • Four Seasons Condoms.
  • Glyde Condoms.
  • Trojan Condoms.
  • SAX Dental Dams.

Why Condoms Break?

Condoms are made to be exceptionally durable. Actually very unlikely to break during sexual activity when used correctly.

But, there are a couple of factors which could determine the integrity of the condom and may result in it breaking. Unfortunately, whilst we find that many people know how to put a condom on. There are a lot of people that don’t know the reasons why condoms break. As it is not something commonly taught in formal sexual health education.

Here are the reasons why condoms might break.

1. Incorrect Storage

Believe it or not there are actually particular ways in which condoms need to be stored.

  • Firstly, condoms should never be exposed to heat, such as the heat that might occur in the glove box of a car. Heating of the rubber (as well as the subsequent cooling down) has the potential to destabilise the condom making it more susceptible to breaking.
  • Condoms should always be kept in a drawer in a bedroom, or in a cool place.
  • A second storage place which a lot of people use (and shouldn’t) is in their wallet or purse. Sure, it’s one thing to go out for a night partying and take one from your stash and take it with you. But it’s another thing to continually leave it in your wallet or purse.
  • Not only is there the potential for exposure to heat (prolonged closeness to the body or when you put your wallet or purse in the car). But there will be a constant amount of pressure being placed on the rubber (particularly in a wallet) which can compromise the integrity of the rubber.

2. Out Of Date

Rubber goes out of date. Each condom will have an expiry date on it. Make sure you pay attention to this. It’s that simple and requires no explanation really.

3. Insufficient Lubricant

If there isn’t enough lubricant, there’s a high potential that the friction against the skin and the walls of the vagina/anus are going to snap the condom.

Ensure that you’re using enough lubricant to eliminate this.  Common excuses to this problem are ‘She’s already wet enough’. Or, ‘she’s allergic to condoms’ resulting in either insufficient lubricant being used or the complete absence of condoms whatsoever!

Even if a woman produces enough bodily fluids to self-lubricate, it may take a while for the fluids to be produced. They may not have had sufficient time to completely lubricate the passage. So make sure that you’re consumed with the love of gods.

Spend a considerable time on foreplay to ensure that all is well. All it takes is a slight dry spot to create some friction and ultimately break the condom. If there is an allergy to condoms, then there double check if there is an allergy to the latex of the condom, or to the lubricant of the condom. Either of which can easily be changed.

4. Incorrect Size

Dicks come in different sizes.

Surprisingly, that means that condoms come in different sizes as well. I say surprisingly because we still see a lot of males coming through saying that the condom hurts them. Or that it keeps breaking and the look of absolute amazement when they realise that condoms come in different sizes. Which can easily, and quickly, eliminate that problem.

Not putting a condom on correctly will also increase the risk of it breaking.

It is for these reasons alone that a condom will break during normal use. Highly unlikely that the sex will be rough enough to induce a condom into breaking. It will be guaranteed to be broken into one of the above categories.

Safer Sex And Clean Adult Toys

Adult Lifestyle Centres recommend that you clean your adult toys with an appropriate anti-bacterial cleaner before and after each use.  This ensures bacteria that could be harmful to you or your partner can be safely removed from the material of the toy. As well as any dust or particles that have been put on the toy during storage.

Just like how one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to adult toys, it is important that you pay attention to the individual needs of the toy to ensure safety and longevity.  Indeed, the material of the toy can change how you care for your new toy, clean, and even dry it!

safer sex
clean your sex toys

Sex Toy Materials


Made from a porous material which means bacteria can easily stay inside the material even after washing them with soap and water. Products made with this material should always be cleaned thoroughly with antibacterial toy cleaner. A toy specific bacterial cleaner is a must with any type of rubber or jelly toy.


A non-porous material and whilst they may be cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner to be on the safe side, one can also use a gentle, non-chemical anti-bacterial soap.

Glass Stone and Stainless Steel sex toys

Do not hold bacteria easily and as such they’re consider to be very much the same as Silicone toys. Despite this, it’s still highly recommended to give them a good clean before and after. Some glass products may be cleaned in the dishwasher without detergent or even a baby steriliser but consult the staff member to ensure your toy is dishwasher safe.

General rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t have electronic components within it, then you’re good to go.  Best lubricant to use with Medical Sex toys is Surgilube.


Usually found in the male masturbation products and some dildos. There is a special antibacterial spray cleaner that is designed for Cyberskin toys. All antibacterial cleaning sprays must be alcohol free, as alcohol can deteriorate the material of your toy and damage it.

To prolong the life of cyberskin toys, before putting them away it is recommended that you pat them down with a very light coating of cornflour to ensure that they stay silky smooth. It is important that you keep cyberskin material away from harsh chemicals. As these will cause your cyberskin toy to break down over time.


There are variety of sex toy materials on the market. All of them have their pros and cons which we will discuss in a separate article. What we will note below though, is that there are also a variety of lubricants on the market.

To ensure the safety and cleanliness of your toy, we will go through the specific lubricants and provide notes and helpful advice on their use and benefits when it comes to safer sex. It can be confusing because there a myriad of different lubricants available on the market.

We’ll be upfront when we say this bluntly

Lubricants that are available at Adult Stores are not the lubricants that are available at the chemist and at the supermarket. You’ll find that the lubricants that are available at the sex store will be of a far higher quality than that which are found in the supermarket and chemist

So if you’ve had a bad experience with a lubricant from the supermarket then we highly recommend that you try a lubricant from the Adult Store before dismissing lubricants entirely. When it comes to lubricants there are three basic types of lubricants that can be used for sexual activity.

safer sex

1. Silicone

Adult Lifestyles most preferred lubricant for sex. Our flagship lubricant is Superslyde. This is considered to be one of the best silicone lubricants on the market. Winning the Eros ‘Best Lotion and Potion award’ in 2013.

Silicone is a very simple lubricant, and does not cause irritation on the skin.

The reason for this is that silicone lubricant for the most part. Unless it has additional ingredients like Aloe Vera or vitamin E, cannot be absorbed into the skin.

What it does is simply roll around on the surface of the skin for some sensual and long lasting lubrication.  Indeed, silicone will most likely outlast anything that you throw at it before it ‘dries’ out. Superslyde is our go-to brand when it comes to silicone lubricants, it’s thin, slick and you’re not going to sacrifice any sensations when using this kind of lubricant.

If you’re after a thicker variant for whatever reason, there are denser lubricants around which you can certainly give a go with.

Silicone lubricant is perfectly safe to use with condoms.

As a side note silicone has a lot of practical uses as well

Not only can it be used to help split ends (dimethicone is both an ingredient used in silicone lubricant as well as conditioners and even make-up primers). But it also can be used to help prevent eczema, as a temporary replacement to WD-40 in emergencies and a variety of other uses.

Mix it with some essential oils for a long lasting massage oil.

That’s just how good silicone lubricant is! If you find that silicone lubricant has ‘stained’ your sheets, rub a small amount of kitchen washing detergent on the stain before immediately popping it into the wash, the detergent will help lift the stain and bring it back to new again!

Only downside to silicone lubricant is that it can’t be used on silicone toys as the two silicones will react causing the silicone on the toy to deteriorate. It’s also advised not to use it on materials such as cyberskin as a similar thing will happen.

safer sex

2. Water-Based

Most common form of lubricants on the market. It is these varieties which you’ll find in the supermarket.

Water based lubricants contain a lot of additives. Some people will find that they’re allergic or sensitive to the parabens that they often contain. If you’re still looking for waterbased lubricant, go for the most pure lubricant that you can find. Or alternatively switch to a natural water/planet based lubricant.

Issue with waterbased lubricant is that the skin loves water. It will absorb the water in the lubricant resulting in it drying out quite quickly. Lubricant can be reactivated with water. But this will mean that it will disrupt the rhythm of your sexual activity whilst you reapply.

Waterbased lubricants are perfectly safe to use with all toys, and condoms.

safer sex
Lubes – oil based

3. Oil Based

Generally used by men for solo masturbation during porn viewing, or for heavy toy use.

Oil based lubricants, such as Crisco, are commonly found as male masturbation lubricants as well as fisting lubrication. Crisco oil is a very popular oil based lubricant designed for heavy/hard-core use. Oil based lubricants should not be used with toys, unless they are metal.

They should also not be used with condoms as the oils in the lubricant will break down latex very quickly. And drastically increase the likelihood of the condom breaking down.