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At Adult Lifestyle Centres we strive to bring to you a fresh, modern and continually evolving adult shopping experience. Many years ago, Adult Stores were often associated as being dark, dingy and often quite seedy. On top of this they might also have had some intimidating staff members, which would for the most part provide an unpleasant shopping experience. Many people would become intimidated and simply want to purchase what they wanted and leave, or worse, not purchase anything! They would then go home and lament about what an awful experience it was and they would be tainted by the poor experience.


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Sex should not be intimidating and all around us we see the taboo nature of sex and sexuality being slowly broken down, and this is continuing to happen over time. From our perspective, your shopping experience at any of our adult lifestyle centres should be one that is stress free and judgement free, and our staff are all highly trained in this regard. It is our aim to dismiss the stigma that sex and Adult Stores are 'dirty and seedy' and we want to provide a new shopping experience that caters to all sexualities, genders and lifestyles in an environment that oozes comfort, fun and pleasure in an environment of sex positivity. As such, our stores are large welcoming spaces filled wall to ceiling with adult toys and products that are innovative, modern and exquisite. We want our stores to be on the forefront of sexual health and lifestyles and we aim to provide the most up-to date product ranges on the market all within an environment that can be seen as fun, and informative.


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other stores. Our stores are brightly lit and set out more like a high end retail store than an Adult toy store. You'll notice straight away the difference that this makes, as it no longer seems to cater for single men in the stereotypical seedy store, but rather you'll see that it is catering to couples in a female friendly fashion. Indeed, our stores are strategically set up so as not to come across as being intimidating to novices; when you first walk in you won't see any explicitly sexual material, you'll be greeted with the sight of novelties and luxury toys, with the more explicit stuff moved away from the front doors and entryways.

Our staff will engage you in friendly conversation, and be able to put you at ease, allowing them to provide a professional service in a comfortable fashion. You'll find interactive displays with product testers, and promotional descriptive videos so that you can feel and touch various products and get an idea for what you might be interested in. It can be confusing sometimes, due to the sheer range of toys, especially if you're just starting out and we understand that by aiming to provide a store which is catering for both beginners and experts in an exceptionally comfortable and clean environment. You really won't notice that you're in a Store that sells sexual products! You will be amazed at the full product ranges and at the equally amazing prices followed up with excellent customer service from our highly trained service staff. You’ll be leaving happy with the knowledge that you’ve received the information that you needed, or the products that you wanted.


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What makes us unique is that our staff are continually undergoing product training as well as training in everything sexual related. Part of the staff duties involve writing articles on sex and sexual health, and providing product reviews. This peer based learning provides a unique facet of learning for all staff and allows our staff to develop niche interests and specialties. As such, our staff are able to provide assistance and advice not only when it comes to the often confusing array of sex toys, but also provide advice and guidance on relationships, fetishes, sexual adventures and anything relating to the sexual health industry that you're too afraid to ask anyone else.  Our staff attend conferences and shows which highlight new products, as well as how to provide excellent customer service regardless of your sexuality, gender or lifestyle as they are being continually trained in all things sex; including but not limited to men and women health issues, sex and disabilities, queer/trans/intersex issues, monogamous and open relationships, and everything in between!

Our stores are sex-positive, and female friendly and the majority of our staff are female in order to provide the most comfortable environment for all. At our stores, we believe that it is the little things that count and what this does is that it allows us to provide in depth information when it comes to sexual products; it is our aim to provide you with the toy that fits your needs as well as to provide you with the information that can be used to provide care and maintenance for your adult toy. Further, we aim to provide sexual health guidance in whatever is troubling you and/or your relationship. In the sex industry there are an increasing number of fetishes, and lifestyles and we do our best to understand and cater for all. We aim to provide the maximum amount of convenience and satisfaction to your shopping experience at Adult Lifestyle Centres at all of our accessible locations throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. Shopping at Adult Lifestyle Centres is an amazing experience and we invite all of Sydney to come take a look for themselves.


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We Are Proud To Offer World Class Adult Products Across But Not Limited To The Following Categories:

  • Adult sex toys
  • Couples Sex Toys
  • Men's Sex Toys
  • Lubricants
  • Female Lingerie and costumes
  • Men’ Undergarments and Lingerie
  • BDSM (Bondage, discipline, dominance and submission) attire and gear
  • Stainless Steel range
  • Sex Aids
  • Marital Aids
  • Gifts and Gags
  • And almost Everything Else Adult

So whatever it is that you're into, regardless of your age, sex and gender, or even fetish; don’t hold back; come and explore with us now.

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