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Having sex on top is one of the most popular poses for healthy sex life. The most-searched sex positions by state study, published in the American magazine Ask Men, examined Google searches across different states. It turns out that people most often look for information about the position when the woman is on top.

Sex On Top

Some people consider it too boring and simple. The girl sits on her partner and does everything herself… What else can you add here? What are the secrets of active sex life? There are a lot of options, as well as making this position more comfortable and easier to perform. Try our tips and make sure that you can learn to have more bang for your buck.

 In this article, you will find out all the details about performing the cowgirl position. Let’s dive in together!

Interact with your Partner

If a woman is on top, the initiative goes to her, but this does not mean that a man should just lie there and do nothing. Ask him to help you, for example, slightly move his hips towards you. It will add a sharpness of sensations, tactile contact, and you will be less tired.

Change the Rhythm

If you move simultaneously, it will quickly get bored, and your legs will get tired. Experiment a little: speed up, slow down, move your hips back and forth or in a circle. So you not only diversify sex for more thrills but also find the most suitable rhythm in which you will reach orgasm the fastest.

Fight Fatigue

Fatigue can often prevent you from relaxing and enjoying your partner. Therefore, you need to reduce tension to slow down exhaustion and enhance active sex life important for a healthy relationship. This can be done in two ways.

sex on top
Cowgirl Position

Sit on your Haunches

Having sex on the top, the main load goes on the woman’s legs. Therefore, you can quickly get tired and out of breath. To prevent this from happening, distribute the weight evenly. Sit on your haunches and rest your hands on the bed. It will be much easier that way.

However, girls may think that they are unattractive in this position. But these are just thoughts and fears. Don’t be shy about your body. If during sex you think only about how you look, you will not get pleasure.

Train Your Legs

You may get tired quickly due to weak glutes and inner thigh muscles. It means that you need to train the gluteal, large, long, and short adductors and the comb muscles.

Perform side leg raises, lunges, squats, deadlifts. To increase the load, use dumbbells or fitness bands.

Get Lubricant

It will make intimacy pleasant and painless, helping to spice up sex life. If during vaginal sex, a lubricant may not be needed, then it is necessary for anal sex. There is no natural lubrication in the anus, and without it, sex can lead to tears and microcracks. In addition, it will hurt, and it will prevent you from concentrating on pleasant emotions.

Don’t Forget About Erogenous Zones

How to have a better sex life? One of the advantages of having sex on top is that both partners have free hands. A man can caress a woman’s thighs, buttocks, belly, and breasts without interfering with her movement. At this time, it is convenient for the girl to touch the body of her beloved or help herself with a vibrator.

And if the woman chooses the reverse cowgirl and leans her back slightly to the partner’s face, it will be convenient for him to stimulate the clitoris with his fingers or a sex toy. Additional caresses will lead to an orgasm faster.

Stock up on Sex Toys

When the woman is on top, she can stimulate the clitoris with her fingers. But a vibrator, clitoral stimulator, or a Vibro-bullet will help to add a thrill to the sensations and enjoy all the benefits of active sex life. It may seem that in this position, helping yourself with a sex toy is uncomfortable. But if you lean back instead of forwarding, everything will be fine.

sex on top
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Suggest to Try BDSM

Of course, if your partner doesn’t mind you dominating. BDSM will add a thrill to your relationship. Fear not: this practice is not abnormal or a sign of mental instability. In the study “Psychological characteristics of BDSM practitioners,” it turned out that BDSM practitioners are psychologically healthy people, and their performance is even better than the rest.

You don’t have to dive into the depths of domination and punishment. There will be enough little things everyone wants to try. For example, nipple biting, slapping, holding hands, tying hands, using belts and blindfolds.

Try Anal Sex

There are many nerve endings in the anus, which is why it is very sensitive. In addition, it wraps around the penis tighter than the walls of the vagina. This kind of sex can better sex life and be a lot of fun for both partners if done slowly and carefully.

If a girl has her first experience, having sex on top is perfect. She will be able to control the depth and incline of penetration herself and set the pace.

Just remember to change your condom if you go back to vaginal or oral sex after anal. Bacteria from the gut should not get onto the penis, vagina, or mouth. This can lead to infection.

Having sex on top is one of the best ways to improve your sex life.

A beautiful and sexy woman who controls the process and a man who watches her passionate movements. What could be sexier?

Having sex on top allows you not only to diversify your sex life but even bring it to a new level. It helps to get pleasure, including those women who rarely experience an orgasm. And all thanks to being on top, as she gets full control over the process.

Do you like this position? Or do you plan to experiment with it? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below.

sex on top and 69
69 position

Pros and cons of the 69 Position

Many experienced in sex partners consider the 69 pose to be special,  so what are the Pros and cons of 69 that can ad variety to sex games and allowing maximum chances for simultaneous orgasm achieving. Some consider it to be a “perfect sex”.

Nevertheless, despite its popularity, the 69 position has overgrown with certain stereotypes. We would like to consider all the possibilities and advantages of this position in a more objective and versatile manner. Moreover, we are sure that for some, this can be a discovery and an impetus for sexual experiments, and the number 69 will acquire a special meaning, and will be directly related to the best and most memorable sex.

Variations to the 69 Position

• 1. “Classic”, and most likely stereotyped.

This is the case when one of the partners lies on the back, and the other is on top. Despite its simplicity, this position has many advantages. First, it should be borne in mind that the person who is on top is automatically, at subconscious level, a dominant. So who knows, maybe 69 will be your first step towards role plays? It is enough just to decide in which position, above or below, you get the most satisfaction from intimacy. Secondly, given the load on the elbows, you get the opportunity to change places, at the same time, bringing variety to intimate games.

• 2. Sixty-nineposition, on the side.

Its huge plus is that it does not require much energy. After all, each of the partners is in a calm state, and can, without being distracted by physical inconvenience, completely devote himself to another, and, of course, to enjoy.

• 3. The strongest and most persistent men should try 69 standing.

If you have enough physical strength to hold the partner upside down for several minutes, then the realizations from such sex promise to be the most unforgettable. Believe, your partner will surely appreciate your capabilities (which, undoubtedly, will excite even more, and cause a desire to surrender to the fullest), and you will enjoy not only the taste of the genitals, but also the most unusual angle from which it can be observed.

• 4. 69 in a sitting position.

In this case, it will be enough to sit on buttocks or knees, lean on a wall or bed, and just hold the partner. Be sure that the effect will be the same as that of the previous version (except for demonstrating your strength. Alternatively, this 69 position can be performed not only on the floor, but also sitting on the edge of a sofa or bed.

As you can see, pose 69, unlike others, is the most multifaceted

and, of course, leaves endless scope for imagination, and each couple will be able to adjust it for themselves, or add something to any of the above options. At the same time, being objective, it should be said that 69, like everything in this world, cannot be called ideal, therefore, it has both pros and cons. Although, the latter is more of a nuance than a disadvantage that must be taken into account. Especially if this is your first such experiment. So.


For both

• 69 position is a great opportunity to diversify your intimate life.
• It can be a wonderful prelude directly to sexual intercourse.
• This is a unique case when you can give each other oral sex at the same time.
• Opportunity to practice both cunnilingus and rimming.

For men

• 69 position will undoubtedly appeal to men who are especially excited at the sight of female genitals. Moreover, such a close distance is just the ultimate dream!
• this is an opportunity to take a breath, before a new “arrival”. Moreover, while relaxing, while enjoying;
• also, 69 position is an excuse not to stand aside when you give pleasure to a woman.

For women:

• Often women are more dedicated and are very emotional. Therefore, they will be pleased to feel that man reciprocates and her feelings will become even stronger;
• For ideal sex, the woman needs sufficient arousal to produce the desired level of lubrication, and the proximity of orgasm. Therefore, 69 position can be for not only a prelude but also the last step before, during coitus, reaching the peak of pleasure in a matter of seconds.


  • If the partners have a sufficient difference in height, then this may cause some discomfort. However, with desire and skill, everything can be solved.
  • In some cases, 69 position can lead to the fact that one partner can completely surrender to pleasure and forget about the other. But, this will not happen if there is complete harmony, mutual understanding, and passion for each other.
  • If one of the partners is obese, especially a man, then it is better for him to be in the lower position. Since it will be inconvenient for him to be on top, and the lower one will experience worries about not being crushed at one moment, and, accordingly, not having pleasure.
  • Classic 69 position, provides a rather tangible load on the knee-elbow joints, therefore. Especially in case of long-time sex, we recommend changing your position to give your partner a rest and enjoy the variety.
  • Men who are intent on sex marathon and are going to surprise a girl with stamina, especially at the first meeting, should try to make the 69 position a kind of dessert or cherry on the cake. At first, while you have the strength, you should give preference to such positions as standing, doggy-style, or even missionary, and when you feel sexhausted – go to 69 or riding position.

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