Sex and Disabilities!

by abhayalc

Sex and Disabilities. Every human being has fantasies, desires, feelings and sexual thoughts irrespective of whether the person is normal or disabled. Disability might be among some crucial challenges that will face your sex life. People with disabilities might experience the following problems.

Inability to engage in regular sex life

Disability of any kind might hinder your sex life. Normally, people might have sex periodically because they are physically fit. That is not the case for disabled people because they require proper coordination and support to have sex at least once in a while. If they are having long distant partners then it makes it easy to be available every other time. Therefore, the frequency of having sex is altered because of lots of consideration.


This hinders sexual performance. Therefore, disabled people can be anxious about how their partner feels towards them. Makes them even shy to ask for sex because they are not sure if the other partner is feeling positive on his/her end. It also makes them lack confidence in their sexual performance. This might even lead to rejection.

Less energy and desire for sex

Disabled people are not as energetic as normal people. Their energy is vested in different body parts to complement their disability. Therefore, they might experience some hormonal imbalance which leads to low sexual drive. This makes it hard for them to be sexually aggressive like other people. They end up confining their feelings to themselves because of the fear of being judged.

Sex can be a burden for them because they are chronologically fatigued. In some cases, disabled people could be having issues with their mental health which lowers sex drive. Use of medication also contributes to this sexual confinement. Besides, No one would like to be intimidated especially when it comes to sexual matters. Most people irrespective of their state are very sensitive to this issue.

Limited Sex Position

Sex is not all about lovemaking. There are a lot of things to do to make it more fun. Use of sex toys to make your sex life more sensational and exciting. This requires a commitment to learning how to use some of these gadgets so that you don’t be boring in bed. Additionally, sex requires you to explore new things to make your sex life more fun. This includes trying new sex tricks for the disabled and positions which could limit disable people.

Therefore, they might feel some void because their structural and hormonal systems are not functioning optimally. That is why most of them opt for ordinary sex moves which make their sex life boring.

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Pain During Sex

People have different disabilities. Some were born disabled while others became disabled through accidents and other factors. Therefore, disability limits some sex moves and that is why you find most disabled people using wheelchairs to support themselves. This could possibly mean any movement which is contrary to their bodies can inflict some pain.

Most psychologists have reported that most disabled people have reported pain as part of their physical challenges when having sex. This could be possibly true because sex is an aggressive activity that engages almost every muscle. Therefore, it might inflict pain. This makes it hard for the disabled to enjoy sex just like the other people.

sex and disabilities
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Sex and Disabilities

Ideally, the contemporary society tends to discriminate disabled people over their sex life. Others take advantage of their disability and they fear to lose their spouses. However, it is important for people with a disability that there is always help. Sex is all about having good communication. Talk about your feats and your concerns so that you might receive some help. It is also important to stay socially active so that you can receive support from your friends and new ideas to spice up your sex life.

Well, you need to remember that disability doesn’t change your sexuality or how you express it.

It might affect how you have sex but you need to approach it with a different perception. You also have a right to make your decisions because there are different ways you can enjoy sex with your partner. You might consider available options and capitalize on what makes you comfortable. Talk to your doctor about the concern about disability and sexuality and you will receive help.

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