3 Ways Sex Toys Enhance Sex With Your Spouse

by abhayalc

As adults, we always have changing needs. But that should not diminish the need for sex with your spouse.  Compared to when we were young, you can think of those needs as quite simple. As long as you have food, water, shelter, clothing and a psychologically balanced environment, you will be more likely to have a healthier upbringing.

There are wants that pop up, but in the end we do not really need them to survive. As we grew older, things just changed along with our bodies. There are now certain needs that are more likely to be lacking with us and we opt to find it.

One of them is intimacy which leads to romance.

Sex With Your Spouse

There are a lot of people who think to themselves that they can live on their own. Well, technically yes, but you can’t do that in the middle of the city. You have to live in the wild without anything from the modern world like your phones and electronic devices.

Even clothes are optional in this scenario to truly live without any kind of companionship. For people who were thrust into that kind of lifestyle unwillingly, they had to make something up in order to not feel alone. It is just like Tom Hanks in Castaway with that coconut he called a friend.

Truth of the matter: you cannot just live all alone

sex with your spouse

Spice Things Up

This is why many people look for ways to find someone to stay in their lives. Usually, one would think of them as a romantic relationship but it can be just for companionship as well. Most of the fortunate ones do find a second half and that’s it.

They will live for the rest of their lives together; have children and work for the economy. There are other factors that will make the relationship work and it can be quite complicated.

For most couples, one thing that would always be present is sex.

People might think that having sexual intercourse is just something that most people do because they want to. You can make it that way, but you can also make it quite special as well. Aside from baby-making purposes for straight couples, sex is also an expression of love. Most of us associate it now with pure physical pleasure. It is something that some people crave, others desire, and the rest are indifferent.

For those who are already long into a relationship, sex can become a routine. This can lead to a lot of problems, but we might have a solution for that.

Why don’t you try sex toys?

Better Sex, Better Life

  • Introduces something new to the couple

In our daily life, we often live in a routine. People who are already working a full time job are really familiar with this kind of set-up. It can be a sign of contentment when you just accept the routine as it is. In fact, there are many of us who believe that this kind of life is already the epitome of human existence.

Unless you won the genetics category or scales of being rich, we would all live a boring and mundane existence. Having a solid routine might be good for us in general, but it can make the sexual experience boring and stale.

With sex toys, you can create another environment for you and your partner to explore sex.

It is a great activity for any couple, so why not improve it with something different? Aside from the excitement, you can also learn a thing or two about yourself and your partner. Experimentation with sex should not just be contained in a laboratory. With this kind of knowledge, you can potentially heighten the pleasure as well. 

  • Generates creativity between partners

Speaking of experimentation, there are a lot of adult toys to choose from in the market. The good ole dildos and vibrators still work fine, and many couples still use it in their sexual proclivities.

Now, thanks to technology and a little dash of creativity, there are a lot more than others and is also becoming more mainstream. With the arrival of massive hits in media like Fifty Shades of Grey, the amounts of people who are interested in such plays are becoming more open.

Sexual liberation movement

In the modern era pushed this as well into the open and answers the question what is mature porn. Hardcore role playing and BDSM have also gained more enthusiasts than ever before.  This might not be for you, but there is nothing wrong with safe and consensual exploration.

You can always go back to the tame stuff if you end up not liking the experience. However, that certain instance can make think of other scenarios in which you can make the sex more pleasurable. 

  • Invigorates the lost desires

Lastly, there are also couples who have been together for a very long time.

That is a sign of a great relationship but the sex may just be the part of being together. It is not this special moment between the two of you anymore as it is already expected. With an adult toy though, this can change the dynamic between the two of you. It can create a memorable moment that you either end up liking or hating. Even if it doesn’t work out, the point has been driven in.

You are still interested in the physical side of the relationship, and there is nothing wrong with that. This exploration must come with a lot of trust and communication with each other.

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