Dick Enlargement: Methods That Work

by abhayalc

The main male organ is rarely too big. More than half of the guys want dick enlargement. Even if the penis complies with the medical norm, giving out confidence 13-17 cm during the “riser”. This is definitely not the ultimate dream! Not for a man, not for a partner. By default, when talking about size, they mean the length of the erection. It is measured with a ruler or tape measure – from the pubic bone to the tip of the head. If the length is more than 7 cm – well, not a “micropenis” anymore. But it’s too early to congratulate yourself. Because even the 17-centimeter sexual organ is looked at as not the largest.

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Ways to Get That Dick Enlargement

Phallus growth is important not to be confused with an erection.

  • A visual penis, of course, appears larger when erect.
  • But only due to the flow of blood into the cavernous bodies.
  • Working methods that allow you to really enlarge your penis give a permanent increase.
Simply put, they increase the penis forever

It will be larger both with a “riser” and in a calm state. Do not believe the ad from the series “got +5 cm in a month.” Penis enlargement methods without surgery do not work so quickly. You need to spend at least six months.  Results are also not great: the penis becomes longer by two, three, maximum four centimeters.

But, actually, this is already quite a lot. And also – it works, money does not go down the drain.

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Natural Methods

Jelqing: Masters of Self-Discipline

Not that the grandfather’s, but the great-grandfather’s method of enlarging the penis. It really works. No need to spend money and no operation required. Or dangerous hormones. It would seem, what could go wrong?

  • Spoiler alert: you have to spend a lot (a lot) of time and effort.

So it is only really suitable for those who have achieved enlightenment and gained Zen Buddhist patience.

Jelqing is a special massage of the penis. There are no special secrets. All you need to do is every day for half an hour, for an hour, and it is better to massage the phallus longer according to the instructions.

Disadvantages that can even be considered disadvantages
  • It takes a lot of time and effort, along with training in the gym.
  • For home conditions only suitable for those who live alone.
  • There is a risk of injury to the penis by improper movements.
  • It will really work out to increase the size. If, of course, everything is done correctly. And if you don’t get tired of killing a couple of hours every day.
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A Big Banana

Homemade Hanging Weights

A method that competes with jelqing in antiquity. Bottom line is also extremely simple: to make the penis larger, it is gradually stretched with a weight. They did it back in prehistoric times. Today’s technique at home looks something like this. An adhesive plaster is attached to the head and a string is attached, from which the load is suspended, and then held for the right time. They start with about half an hour, then they increase the weight and time.

Cavernous bodies, penile ligaments are really stretched.

But there are a couple of downsides
  • If it is not enough to warm up the penis with massage, there will be no benefit from the method.
  • When going over by weight or by duration, instead of enlarging the penis, it will stretch.
  • There is a high risk of “earning” side effects – from pain and discomfort to deterioration of potency.
  • In general, the method works. But it is not very suitable for those who still preserve their dignity and want to keep it in a healthy state without risking it again.

Extenders are better than any weights

Doing “homemade” in our time is no longer necessary. After all, the principle of mechanical loading itself is the very thing for increasing the penis. It is only important to use this principle correctly. This is what the creators of extenders have taken on board. Devices with which you can increase the length in a relatively short time, and at the same time increase the girth.

What did the extender developers do?

Compared to a homemade suspension system, there are several advantages.

  • Much easier to use the mechanism, you do not need to trick anything with a band-aid and a cord.
  • It is easier to regulate the load on the penis – the risk of overdoing it, getting stretching is reduced to zero.
  • A minimum of time and effort is spent. Those who have already mastered jelqing and are tired of it will appreciate the extender twice.

In this case, the genital organ in a few months really becomes a couple of centimeters longer and slightly thickens. Process was tested by inviting volunteers – it was confirmed that it works.

Potency Enhancers

Libido is not always ideal, not everyone. Age, stress, fatigue, and much more have a negative effect. Therefore, there are so many remedies that improve potency. It is important to figure out in which cases the “stone riser” also contributes to an increase in length.

Do soda and other “folk remedies” work?

  • When looking for ways to enlarge the penis, you can find “one hundred percent working” options from people who call themselves folk healers, healers.
  • It is always better to play it safe once again and consult with a urologist.
  • Sometimes the price of a mistake is well-being, health, even life.
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Common Sex Myths

Reality Check!

“Girls should stay virgin until marriage?” or “Masturbation is a disease!” Such Common Sex Myths might sound hilarious and familiar to most of you. You can also counter such notions on the internet get an idea about what’s right or wrong about the whole thing.  While most of these sex myths and misconceptions are vague. It is interesting to chill yourself and refrain from many false facts related to these intimate actions!

Is your mind constantly pondering over the truth and apprehensions or false notions on sex? This guide can help you clarify the anxiety and help you know more about healthy sexual regimes.

Common Sex Myths and Facts for Men and Women!

It is indeed an exaggeration of many aspects of physical intimacy that rule the minds of some people. You might have heard a couple of tales from the ones stated below. Give it a check!

Myth 1- Bigger Penis is always better!

Fact – Most common thing among the myths is the penis size. The size of the penis has no relevance to the level of sexual pleasure the partner receives or the performance on the bed. If the sensual foreplay is nerve-warming, then the size does not matter.

Myth 2 – Vagina gets loosen up if you have lots of sex!

Fact – The whole concept of a tight or loose vagina needs to get discarded. Many sex myths relate to it, but it’s just a muscle that keeps contracting and expanding, similar to a penis. When a female gets aroused, the vaginal walls soften for comfortable penetration, and it contracts if you are not ready.

Myth 3 – First sex is painful!

Fact – Next in the list of sex myths is that you have to bear the physical pain to get pleasure! Relieve yourself from such distress and enjoy the pleasure without focusing on the genitals. They automatically react as per your desire and release natural lubricant to augment the intimate moments.

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Making Love
Myth 4 – Having lots of sex is a problem!

Fact – Why should such myths even bother you? If you believe that the whole world is driven by sex, then it is abrupt. Each one pertains to their own set of emotions that regulates their sex drives differently. You might yearn for a lot of it, but others don’t. There’s no need to stereotype anyone and anything and focus on your choices rather than such myths.

Myth 5 – Pregnancy is not possible if you
  • Got your period.
  • Have sex for the first time.
  • Had a pull-out.
  • Used a douche or rinsed with water.

Fact – Contrary to such sex myths in relationships, explore the relative theory to pregnancy. Women can be pregnant if only sperm fertilizes their eggs. And every ejaculation passes out around 200 million spermatozoa. Measures to prevent pregnancy, including birth control or condoms, are just barriers and do not get baffled if you cross any of them mistakenly.

Aphrodisiacs-aphrodisi yes can help – FACT.

Are You Still Not Sure? 

Subjects like virginity, masturbation, pregnancy, sexual desires are easily prone to sex myths and misconceptions.

Apart from those above, there are several other mental blocks or legends related to sex that hinders intimate pleasure. You can also add up any other myth you refuted recently? Such open discussions can help the newbies whose mind flutters with such thoughts and tales. Happy to help you! You can also share some of the sex myths that got busted in the comments.

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