Aphrodisiacs: Aphrodisi-yes

by abhayalc


Following on from my article on food for sex I wanted to have a closer look at aphrodisiacs and why we as humans utilise them throughout history. There is very little scientific correlation that backs aphrodisiacs as a substance that magically puts humans in the mood. Science tends to argue instead that it is all in our heads.

There is definitely a correlation between these senses and lust and an increase in libido. So does food put us in a sexy mood? Of course it does! Just not the way we have been led to believe.

Aphrodisiacs have been used throughout history like with a taoist diet and the present have worked in five different ways:


Foods that have engaged the sense in a pleasurable way have long been thought to stimulate lust. But mind you, this can come down to watching how someone is also eating as much as the food itself.  Art of eating can be a very sensual experience indeed. Engaging the five senses to create a decadent event can definitely raise sexual appetites and libidos in place of an aphrodisiac.

Taos Natural Sexuality


Food that creates warmth and heat such as chilli, curry, peppers, hot chocolate have been thought throughout history to stir passion like flames.

Historically serving cold foods in some courts and regions were thought to be a sign of chilling advances instead of kindling affection. Rush from consuming many of the spicy foods can be attributed to the release of epinephrine which increases the heart rate, the blood flow and mimics arousal.  Spices such as Nutmeg


Foods that resemble the female or male sex organs have always been notoriously believed to increase libido and wanting, such as oysters, bananas, figs and sausages.

Again, this comes into the belief of watching your lover, or imagining yourself eating something that reminds you of a penis or a vulva/vagina. This theory of aphrodisia would be based, I would assume, on a trick of your mind. Our mind, as we know, is a powerful tool in seduction and libido. As mentioned in food for sex, Avocados are also among some of the foods that were thought to be aphrodisiacs. Along with other bulbous fruits and vegetables for their resemblance to testicals. They even grow in pairs.


Over time it was a popular theory that food that was reproductive would also increase libido and fertility in the consumer. Foods such as caviar, fish roe, quail eggs, animal genitalia and some fermented foods.

Sexy Food


Long ago when the world was still being mapped out, travelled and discovered, exotic also equated to erotic. I myself can theorize that perhaps it was the rush of excitement from the foreign goods of trying something new that perhaps not everyone else had. As these foods became more readily available so too did their aphrodisiac qualities begin to fade.

But then we have the amazing Placebo Effect.

For those of us who are unfamiliar with the term, the Placebo effect is the belief that something is helping, or having the desired effect that you want it to, more so than the actual substance itself.  So much to the point that many people, believe that food such as oysters or wine or chilli will put them in the mood. Make them hornier, increase their sex drive to the point that it will.  But again-this amazing feat, research has found is more often than not, controlled and created by the brain and the Placebo effect than the so called aphrodisiac.

Aphrodisiac Memories

Memories hold a key to the power of aphrodisiacs. Food that reminds you of a special time with a lover, sex with your spouse or a special memory or hell, a kinky sexy food related sexcapade will surely get you in the mood. This is part and parcel of the senses activating as aphrodisiacs. Touch, taste, sight, sound and smell.

Our take away from Aphrodisiac foods is that they are almost always composed of foods that are smooth to the feel in your mouth, rich to the taste, creamy to taste and sample, can be exotic to the palate and may be spicy.

Close your eyes and imagine the food sliding over your tongue, usually your mind will conjure the feel or the desire instantly for a specific type of food, and if you are slow and sensual enough with the roll of your tongue in your mouth you will understand me when I say that that should be enough to demonstrate a little of the power of food as aphrodisiacs as food. Just not as we first think of them.  Let’s face it we can use any help in enhancing sex with our partners.

Lube Recipes

Lube Recipes – Dessert Bar

Oh I’m sorry, did you think that this was an article to make desserts from Lube Recipes? No no no.  This my dear reader is our delightful corner to use our wonderful flavoured lubricants in sexy desserts and drinks to share with loved ones on kinky nights to make things a little more risque.

It adds a certain element I feel. Don’t believe me? Try one of our cocktails or sundaes next date night or with the friends or for an unforgettable hen’s night.  Or with Halloween around the corner, what better and more delectable Trick or Treat could you start the season with?

Enjoy! Try them out and let us know what you think!

Espresso Martini

  • 1 Shot vodka.

  •  1 Shot Coffee Liqueur (our favourite is Kahlua).

  •  1 Shot Espresso.

  • 1 squeeze of Jo Gelato Hazelnut Espresso Lubricant.

  1. Drip Jo Gelato Hazelnut Espresso around the rim of a Martini Glass.

  2. In the base of a cocktail shaker, add 1 shot each of Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, fresh Espresso and Jo Gelato Hazelnut Espresso.

  3. Add ice and shake until frothy.

  4. Strain into a martini glass.

  5. Garnish with 3 coffee beans and serve.

Chocolate Sundae

  • Vanilla ice cream

  • Biscuits (our pick is TimTams)

  • Jo Gelato Decadent Double Chocolate Lubricant

  1. Scoop ice cream into a bowl (or onto your partner’s tummy).

  2. Crumble or arrange biscuits around your ice cream.

  3. Drizzle generously with Jo Gelato Lube and eat.

lube recipes and aphrodisiacs

Pavlova (Eton Mess)

  • Meringue.

  • 300ml Thickened cream.

  • 1 banana sliced.

  • 200g peach slices.

  • 5 strawberries sliced.

  • Jo H20 peachy lips Lubricant.

  • Jo H20 Tropical Passion Lubricant.

  1. In a clean bowl whip thickened cream until stiff peaks form. Set aside.

  2. Crumble meringue into large chunks either on a serving platter, individual bowls or on a willing person’s tummy or back.

  3. Top with cream and sliced fruits.

  4. Drizzle generously with Jo H20 tropical Passion lubricant and Peachy Lips lubricant.

Extra Special Coffee

  • Wicked Salted Caramel Lubricant.

  • Coffee.

  • Milk of your choice.

  1. Make coffee the way that please you (Slaves/Subs: or the person that you are making it for).

  2. Add a teaspoon of Wicked Salted Caramel Lube (with love).

White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

  • 200g self raising flour.

  • 115g softened butter.

  • 200g caster sugar.

  • 3 egg whites.

  • 60 sour cream.

  • 2 teaspoons Jo Gelato White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Lube (Or Vanilla Extract).

  • 80ml Milk.

  • ¼ Raspberry puree.

  • 1 cup frozen raspberries.

  • 1 cup softened butter.

  • 180g white chocolate (melted and slightly cooled).

  • ¼ cup double cream.

  • 1 teaspoon Jo Gelato White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Lube (Or Vanilla Extract).

  • Extra Jo Gelato to drizzle.

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with cupcake liners.

  2. Using a mixer, beat the butter and sugar together on high speed until smooth and creamed, about 2 minutes. Scrape down the sides and up the bottom of the bowl with a rubber spatula as needed. Beat in the egg whites on high speed until combined, about 2 minutes. Beat in the sour cream and vanilla extract. Scrape down the sides and up the bottom of the bowl as needed. With the mixer on low speed, add the flour until just incorporated. With the mixer still running on low, slowly pour and mix in the milk. Do not overmix. Whisk in 1/4 cup of raspberry puree. Batter will be slightly thick.

  3. spoon the batter into the liners. Bake for 20-22 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

  4. Allow the cupcakes to cool completely before frosting.

  5. Make the frosting: Using a blender or food processor, process the freeze-dried raspberries into a crumb. In a large bowl using a mixer, beat the butter for 1 minute on high speed until completely smooth and creamy. Add the confectioners’ sugar, raspberry crumb, melted and cooled white chocolate, 2 Tablespoons heavy cream, vanilla extract, and salt and beat on medium-high speed until combined and creamy. Add 2 more Tablespoons of heavy cream to slightly thin out, if desired.

  6. Drizzle extra Jo Gelato White Chocolate and Raspberry Truffle lube over the iced cupcakes and serve.

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