Do Girls Really Squirt – Squirting Sex

by abhayalc

Is squirting sex real? Is it pee? What do we know about squirting? How can you do it?

Yes – from the testimony of many, many women who have experienced it, squirting is real! This article will delve into these questions with information about, and advice on how to squirt!

What is Squirting?

Squirting – AKA Female ejaculation

Female sexuality has long been the topic of both revere and hatred. Historically, there were no common conceptions about ‘female sexuality’. Women were seen simply as receptacles for men’s cum. Vaginas as tools to get there, and the female sexual organs as vessels for perpetuating human-kind.

Now, while we’re far from all the way there (think: slut-shaming, problematic porn industries and sex work stigma). Female sexuality is something we think about, something we talk about, and something a lot of women are owning.

Along for this ride has been the phenomenon of ‘female ejaculation’ – squirting!

For some, it’s seen as a lie perpetuated by porn. Something that doesn’t really happen. A view probably held by those who are either incapable of getting their woman there. Or care little about female pleasure and have never really tried. For others, including the women who’ve done it, it’s an incredible experience and extreme feeling of pleasure and release. As well as an incredible gift bestowed upon the partner capable of getting her there!

In the tantric world, female ejaculate is called ‘amirata’ which means Nectar of the Gods in Ancient Sanskrit. It is considered a blessing and ‘sacred water’.

How Common is Squirting Sex?

Porn shows a lot of squirting. We know that in porn it’s often just urination and not ‘real’ squirting. This does create an idea of squirting as common. In reality, some claim every woman is capable of squirting. Those who have tried and failed, at workshops for example, would argue this isn’t true.

Studies have estimated that around 10-50% of women squirt. But considering potentially up to 40% of women have never even had an orgasm, the percentage that are capable of squirting could really be much, much higher.

squirting sex
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Squirting on History (I mean ‘in History’)

You might be amazed to find out squirting was first mentioned by Aristotle in 300 BC, and discussed by many men up until the 16th century. When a Dutch physician identified where he thought the ‘squirt’ came from.  19th century saw everyone terrified of the ‘woman who squirted’.  Some doctors claimed women who could squirt were homosexual.

Squirting was related to a feeling of failure to conform to ‘sexual passivity’ (women as passive sexual objects, not free sexual agents). And their failure to reproduce. As is historically common, the white man’s view on women’s sexuality had a ways to go at this point.

What is ‘squirt’ made out of?

In 2020 we haven’t come very far in our understanding of female ejaculation. Those who research it are generally divided. One side believing females can ejaculate, and the other believing it’s just pee.  There has been a lot of research in the 21st century aiming to answer this question. I’ll only bore you with enough of the scientific details to answer our question – science does have the answer!


Yes – there is usually a bit of pee in there, but no – it’s not just pee.  So, squirting is not a fancy term for peeing yourself.  There is a lot of different evidence about what’s in female ejaculate. It comes out of the urethra (not the vagina) and many have claimed this as the reason urine is often present, just from leftovers. While others have said the release from a strong orgasm can cause urination.

What else then?

Additionally, a watery, colourless and tasteless fluid has been found to come out during squirting. Scientists have found this fluid is produced by the Skene gland (the female prostate). It accumulates in the bladder during arousal and that’s why it comes through the urethra.  They’ve also found a thicker, milky substance in ejaculate that’s similar to male ejaculate, but without sperm.

Some have argued that this is the only ‘true’ form of ejaculate and the other watery liquid is just ‘fancy pee’.  Either way – as we can see, there is clearly more to squirting than pee.

What’s the purpose of squirting?

Some scientists have said it is the body’s way of making sure everything is flushed out of the urethra during sex. The body’s back up to ensure you’re peeing after sex even if you’re not actually going to the toilet. But, still no one really knows the purpose of squirting.  New research idea?

How to Squirt.

Our Skene’s gland, G-spot and urethral sponge are all located around the same area. So many people suggest that squirting can be induced by stimulating the G-spot, and hence all the areas around it.

Doing this includes things like insertable dildos and vibrators, thrusters or just plain toys that can reach the G-spot. These usually have a curve at the end which bends to reach the G-spot. Which is located inside the vagina, at the front, between 5-8cm above the opening.  Ability to stimulate the G-spot is different for every woman. Usually clitoral stimulation is required to have an orgasm while stimulating the G-spot.

Using an internal vibrator, toy or your fingers to touch the g spot, and stimulating the clitoris at the same time, is the biggest and most common recommendation to induce squirting.  Some also say that you need to continue stimulating for around 20 seconds to a minute longer once you have reached orgasm. This extended and continued stimulation will induce squirting.

Some women are also able to squirt from clitoral stimulation alone, using the continued stimulation technique.

Products for Squirting For clitoral stimulation

Womanizer Premium

An award winning clitoral stimulation toy. This product uses an incredible air technology to create a unique sensation on the clitoris that has been shown to induce orgasm in less than 3 minutes!

Womanizer Premium has 12 intensity levels, and testimonials from customers who’ve purchased the toy say they haven’t been able to reach the highest level without having an orgasm.  This is the perfect toy to induce squirting through clitoral stimulation alone – increasing the intensity while already experiencing an orgasm and continuing that stimulation on the clitoris is extremely likely to induce squirting.

Doxy Die Cast 3R

A wand with incredible power. Doxy has kept the classic wall plug design to maintain the strongest possible power. Vibrations that this thing puts out is incredible. Using the Doxy on the clitoris and pushing past that point of orgasm is another method we recommend for squirting.

squirting sex
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For internal and external stimulation We Vibe Nova

We Vibe Nova is a rabbit vibrator with an internal shape that is designed to touch and push against the G-Spot, with the external shape designed to do the same on the clitoris.  Dramatic shape of this toy is perfect for touching both of the sweet spots for squirting.

Womanizer Duo

We Vibe and Womanizer are two brands under the same company.  A few years ago, these two incredible brands created the ultimate female pleasure toy.

I’ve saved the best for last here.

Now I want to introduce you to what’s not only been crowned Product of the Year, but  also The Squirting Machine – The Womanizer Duo.  Womanizer Duo has the incredible shape of the We Vibe Nova. But instead of an external vibrator, it has the Womanizer Premium sitting on the outside for clitoral stimulation. This is a combination of the two main toys recommended to get you to squirt

And this thing is worth every damn cent. If you’re committed to getting that squirt happening, this toy is the closest thing to a guarantee.

Squirting Sex
Shots Bella Vibe

 Bella G-Spot Vibe

This toy review will be on the Bella G-spot vibe. Now, before I had the Bella from Shots Toys, I had never owned a g-spot vibe. Nor did I understand much about the difference between a straight vibrator and a g-spot vibrator. One is straight and one is aimed at the g-spot.

When I first took the Bella out of the box the first thing I noticed was how soft the silicone felt. It almost felt like silk. Was so beautifully smooth that I sat and just felt the silicone for about 10 minutes.

After taking in how good the silicone felt I then noticed how bendy and flexible the ‘neck’ was.  It’s that flexible, it could almost be bent in half. A while after I decided to put it to the real test.  Amazing feeling silicone mixed with a water-based lube felt fantastic, so smooth and the glide was ideal! I also personally thought the size and length was perfect as I’m not a fan of overly big toys.

How it Works

First, let’s talk about her shape.

Vibrator itself is long with a slight bend towards the top. At the top it widens and has an almost flat surface, this is to distribute the vibration but also to make it easier to hit “the spot” without too much trouble.  Going from the top down, it narrows in the middle (this is where the bend is).  After this narrowing it then widens again to the grip. Grip is also where the control buttons are found. These two buttons control the intensity and settings of the toy and turn the toy on and off.

Bella has 10 vibration speeds which includes different intensity speeds and pulsations or patterns. In total the Bella is 7.8-inch-long making it easy to hit that right spot.

In my personal opinion, the flexibility of this toy is a great feature.

It makes it a lot easier and more comfortable to do things that a normal straight vibrator would feel awkward with. Using the Bella during intercourse is also made easier with how flexible it is. You will surprise yourself with where you can get it without being uncomfortable. This means you can experiment and try so many different and new things with it that you normally couldn’t do with a non-flexible vibrator.

Output of power is also another great feature as it is has incredibly high vibrations but is still very quiet. Has 10 different functions including different vibration speeds and pulsing patterns. Bella is also rechargeable meaning is will be more powerful and last longer than a battery powered vibrator. Also waterproof which means you can take your fun time into the shower and also don’t have to worry about damaging it while cleaning the toy.

Getting Creative

How creative can you possibly get you ask?

Well, its all in the flexibility and just thinking outside the box. For example, you could be using the Bella for clitoral stimulation. But you may also want internal stimulation. In this case you would be able to insert in end of the Bella and bend it up so you have both clitoral and internal vibrations. You could also be using it internally but having this much flexibility you are able to get many different angles and hit any spot you please.

This toy could also be used for soft anal play as the vibrations would give a nice sensation. Curve would be able to hit the prostate or anal g spot and the toy could also be bent while inserted toward the perineum (Taint) to give even more stimulation again. Bella’s smooth and simple shape also allows it to be thrusted internally if that’s the desired feeling someone liked.

And of course, with the thrusting comes that bend that’s going to hit the g-spot or prostate or any other spot you’re looking for!

G-spot Vibe

In my personal opinion, I think the Bella is a fantastic toy for anyone looking for a good, powerful and simple vibrator. Especially for beginners, the Bella is not in any way intimidating in looks or how it works, its easy to ease someone into using it and working up to bigger toys or even just working your way up through the settings its not too much and I believe that it’s design makes it versatile enough for absolutely anyone to use it.  The interface of the Bella is streamline and simple making it easy to use for anyone with any level of tech savvy knowledge. Having one button for turning on and off and another to cycle through the settings means no looking for which button if the right button while its inserted which is great for solo use of this toy.

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