Your Adult Store Purchases: Make Cold Hard Cash With Chaturbate

by abhayalc

Shopping for your Adult Store Purchases has been known to have a positive effect on the brain. Whatever the reason, we just tend to feel much happier when we shop. It has also been known to be something of an aphrodisiac. That is why many people consider shopping for sex toys and other sex related objects on adult stores as the ultimate thrill. But while pleasure is great, one thing that is even greater is being able to turn this thrill and the excitement into something physically tangible: cold, hard, cash.

Yes, you can, as a matter of fact, make a lot of money with products like your sex toys, lingerie, BDSM fetish tools and many others that you get on adult stores. How do you do this? Well through no other means than monetizing on Chaturbate, of course.

If you’ve ever heard of this platform, then there’s a huge chance you already know what it is we’re talking about. For those who are still hazy as to our intentions, do not worry, everything will become cleared up as you continue reading.

Power of Chaturbate

Chaturbate is an online webcam platform. Adult cam sites, in general, are places where people go to showcase their sexuality through webcams. Other registered users on the platforms are allowed to tune in, chat with, and request private shows with their favorite performers.

In turn, the performers not only get to let loose their sexuality and have fun with it, they also get to earn a lot of money in the process. The most popular models on these platforms have been known to earn as high as six figures every single month.

Chaturbate is our main cam platform of choice

Due to their superiority in a host of key criteria. The first, obviously, is the size of internal traffic. Being the most popular strictly-cam platform, they have enough internal traffic to make registering with them attractive enough. And when it comes to other areas such as platform convenience, range of categories, security, reward structure, and others, they also come out on top.

Now that you know what Chaturbate is, you may be wondering how exactly you can leverage your love and excitement for sex related products on this platform to earn a lot of sustainable income yourself. Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to show you.

Leveraging your Adult Store Purchases on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is the right place to put all of your adult products and expertise to use. On this platform, you don’t just have the freedom and creativity to do whatever you want with your toys, you also have a solid base of users who just can’t wait to see what you come up with and pay you for it.

How Chaturbate works is also simple enough.

First of all you register an account. You may have to wait a few hours to be approved and verified due to security reasons, but once all of this is done you can begin to broadcast and showcase your product collections immediately.

With proper dedication and optimization, you should have yourself a group of loyal audience in no time at all. And these guys are ready to pay a lot of money just to see you get freaky. You can choose to perform to a group of people and see how much tips you can get from them. Or ask users to request for private sessions, where you get to focus on just one user who agrees to pay a lot of money on a minute-by-minute basis.

Payments on Chaturbate are made in the form of native tokens which users buy for a fixed amount of dollars. And which you can easily exchange back to dollars when it’s time for you to cash out.

Giving Yourself the Best Chance

Thanks to the growing number of broadcasters on Chaturbate, competition gets fiercer by the day, necessitating the need for you to do everything possible to set yourself apart. For starters, you can do this by having a unique content strategy and customizing your profile.

Having a custom Chaturbate profile ensures that everyone who manages to land on your page remains glued with curiosity. They are so enamored by the stunning graphics and other designs that they can’t bring themselves to leave. So they read your bio and other details. Before you know it, they’ve become loyal fans always ready to tune in to your broadcasts the second they begin.

Luckily, customizing your profile with stunning graphics is easy thanks to Designurbate.

On you gain access to tons of design graphics templates that you can easily edit and customize in no time at all. Once you’re done with the customization, you can then export your final design(s) and embed them on your Chaturbate profile immediately. A customized profile also communicates clearly to your visitors the kinds of toys you have, what you plan to do, how much tokens certain actions cost. And other valuable information such as your broadcast schedule and many others.

Some Exciting Products to Use on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is all about the toys. Viewers pay to see you use toys in the most exhilarating ways possible. Among some of the most creative users of toys on the platform is making your fans control your vibrator remotely thanks to certain applications.

Audiences pay a certain amount of tokens for this privilege, while the broadcaster gets orgasms and cash to boot.

Products such as BDSM whips, lingerie, masks, fuck machines are also incredibly useful

Depending on just how hard you’re willing to go with your props and demonstration.It is also worth mentioning that models on Chaturbate can also use their customized profile to upsell some of the products they use during broadcasts.

Truth is most of your audience would kill to get their hands on some of the toys and paraphernalia you use during your cam shows. So whenever you happen to get tired of them you can easily create a sales graphic, embed it on your profile page. Watch the bids come in.

your adult store purchases

Mixing Pleasure with Business with Sex Toys

This is a serious taboo – unless you’re in the business of pleasure. Many of us love sex and are unashamed about it. You’re probably reading this with a closet full of wonderful sex toys of different shapes, functions, and sizes. And you’re not done. You still plan on getting more, which is absolutely fantastic.

But have you ever considered that you can actually make a lot of money from your sex toy collection and, in essence, turn your pleasure into a profitable business? That, after all, is the ultimate dream for many of us. And since you already have an undying love for sex toys, and most likely a high level of expertise on how to use them. You already have everything it takes to make this a success.

So what exactly are we talking about?

How can you turn your sex toy pleasure into a really profitable business?

You do this, dear reader, by leveraging your skill on an adult webcam platform.

Adult Webcam Platforms

These have been known to change the lives of so many people. People who have been shamed and casted out by society. But who realized they can turn their scorn into an enduring positive. You see, on these webcam platforms, sexually inclined people are free to create a profile and start broadcasting their sexual talents to a room full of tons of adoring audience.

For their pleasure, these audiences pay a token to watch their favorite broadcasters perform live.

They can even chat with them privately and make tailored requests for an additional fee. In the end, all of these tokens equate to a really substantial amount of money for the models and broadcasters involved.

So profitable are these platforms, that more and more people seem to be joining by the second. You, too, can take advantage of this. But to do so, you must be willing to put in the effort to do it right. Have a read of things you must know about gay webcams if you are looking more in the gay area of webcam platforms.

Doing it Right

To enjoy success on Chaturbate, you must be willing to do it right. Sure, you can take it as just a hobby, logging in only whenever you please and basically just having fun with it. You may also take it as a legitimate business with hard work, dedication, and consistency as your watchword.

Either way you choose to go, you must still be willing to do it right.

By doing it right, we mean get the fundamentals right.

For instance, on the technical side you need a decent enough webcam and a beautiful room from which to broadcast. It is also advisable that you come up with a content strategy. Do you want to perform only solo shows, collaborate with others, have a themed room like BDSM and others? All of these are some basic questions that you have to get right before your broadcasts.

Oh and of course you must also decide whether you’ll be running primarily group shows or private shows. In group shows you perform to a crowd that has to collectively come up with the target tipping amount, while in a private show the charge is fixed by the hour. Finally, it is also advisable to maximize your chances of achieving your goals – whatever it is – by customizing your profile.

Maximizing your Chances

As mentioned earlier, you may choose to register on Chaturbate just to have fun or to seriously earn some money. Either way, your aim and objectives should be clearly communicated to your viewers so that they have a clear picture of what to expect.

And the best way to do this is to customize your profile.

Thankfully, this is easy to do. All you need is a brilliant graphics design where you get to tell your fans and prospective followers interesting details about you and what your goals are on the platform.

You may also carve out a section for your tip menu, which is a guide as to how many tokens are required for you to perform some actions. To get your Chaturbate profile design graphics we advise visiting A Chaturbate solutions website where you get pretty much everything you need to make your Chaturbate profile awesome, and drastically increase your profit potential.

Customizing your profile also makes your page unique and attractive.  On a platform like Chaturbate with growing competition, one thing you want to be above any other is unique.

adult store purchases
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Best Sex Toys to Use on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is where sex toy lovers go to feel like they’re in paradise. As a broadcaster and a model, you simply cannot survive on Chaturbate without having the required sex toys.  Since you’re here we predict you’re already a lover of sex toys.

  • Some of the most popular toys on the platform, however, include the Lovense Lush and Lovense hush toys, for vaginal and butt play respectively. Best part about these toys on Chaturbate is that they have remote applications, which allow viewers from all over the world to be in control in exchange for a few token payments.
  • A lot of sophisticated sex machines also make appearances on the platform, Such as the shockspots machine that also reacts to tip and can start, stop, increase and decrease based on the tipping activities going on in these Chaturbate rooms.
  • Other teledildonic toys are also a constant sight on Chaturbate. Teledildonic toys are dildos that sync up their motions with other toys. The aim of these shows is to be as erotic as possible while being interesting enough to keep the viewers’ attention, and that is why they perform so well on Chaturbate.

Closing Thoughts

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is basically everything you need to know about maximizing your sex toy use to increase your pleasure. Have a lot more fun, and make a lot of money on Chaturbate. Man, woman, gay or straight, this opportunity beckons. And you know what they say?

Turn your hobby into a profitable business and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

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