Hosiery And Stockings

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In the fashion industry, the term fishnet is used in reference to hosiery and stockings with an open diamond shaped knit. While thigh highs are elastic stockings that feature a band at the top. This band is meant to hold the stockings up. Inner part of the band has silicone, which ensures that the lingerie thigh highs stay in position. The silicone band relies on elasticity and the friction generated between the silicone and the wearer’s skin to hold the stocking in place.

Therefore, the use of lotions and oils can render the silicone band ineffective as they reduce friction between the wearer’s skin and the silicone. So make sure you follow the cleaning instructions to ensure a long lasting wear.

Hosiery And Stockings


A material used in the making of tights, and stockings. Lingerie Fishnets are divided into fine mesh and large hole fishnets. Previously, the wearing of fishnets and thigh highs was common among punk and goth fashion lovers. There’s a certain allure and taboo nature of fishnet stockings as they’re commonly associated with working women in the sex industry.

They’re remarkably popular among men and have numerous cult fetish followings. Today; however, fishnets and thigh highs are considered fashion statements by proponents of mainstream fashion and are typically worn as undergarments. Moreover, fishnets and thigh highs are considered one of  7 of the sexiext costumes ideas for women by many women. This is one of the main reasons why women wear this body hugging apparel.

Fine mesh fishnets are more frequent as they can be worn by any woman, unlike large hole fishnets that are predominantly worn by long-legged women.

Hosiery and Stockings
Woman Wearing Thigh High Stockings With Lace Silicone Stay Up Design


There are various reasons why women wear fishnets

Main one being they are appealing. This is despite the common association of fishnets and thigh highs with vulgar behaviors. Fine mesh fishnets can be worn to the office to boost a person’s confidence. Fishnets with large holes are worn to accentuate a woman’s long legs. Also worn as part of a sexy outfit when going out clubbing.

hosiery and stockings
Hosiery & Legwear

Thigh Highs

Fishnets and thigh highs are also worn for their comfort. When compared to other undergarments such as pantyhose, fishnets and thigh highs are more comfortable and hygienic. These apparels are sometimes made of high-quality Lycra and are not prone to tearing. Normal tights and pantyhose, on the other hand, can be uncomfortable and also cause the growth of microbial organism due to increased warmth.

Fishnets and thigh highs are worn as alternatives to pantyhose and regular tights.

Thigh highs are worn as part of a costume as they prevent the skin from being pulled or burnt by the costumes. Furthermore, thigh highs protect a wearer’s skin from blisters brought on about by repeated movements. Athletes and performers sometimes wear fishnets and thigh highs as they keep them warm during cold seasons. The diamond shape of the fishnets traps air protecting the wearer’s skin.

Some athletes and performers who play in cold regions wear fishnets and thigh highs over other tights to stay warm. Fishnets and thigh highs are also worn during cold seasons by ordinary women. Since during such seasons the body’s primary need is to stay warm, wearing fishnets will help in preventing the penetration of cold air.

Fashion Industry

Inspired by emerging modern trends, and the wearing of fishnets and thigh highs is one such trend. Fishnets have become popular among celebrities and even career women. This trend is prompting many women to embrace the wearing of fishnets in order to stay fashionable. This is yet another reason women wear fishnets and thigh highs. This emerging trend is bolstered by the emerging popularity of goth fashion trends.

Additionally, women are finding new and creative ways of wearing fishnets and thigh highs. As such, apparels that were once considered vulgar are today being embraced by women.

Fishnets are available in a myriad of colors.

Therefore, when wearing fishnets the most important thing is to ensure the color of the fishnets match the outfit worn. Fishnets and thigh highs are stylish and sexy, but can also look vulgar when not worn in the right manner.

In regards to quality, cheap fishnets and thigh highs are usually of inferior quality and tear easily. Thus, it is recommended for women to consider the type of fishnets they wish to purchase from reputable online stores such as buy-lingerie.com. The outfit to be worn with the fishnet will also influence a buyer’s selection. Generally, fishnets can be worn as part of a sexy outfit or as part of a casual and formal outfit.

On top of this, you can easily pair your fishnet stockings with a garter belt or piece.

A woman and her lingerie set make a perfect silhouette. Every woman will feel very sexy when she is wearing her favorite lingerie garter sets, whether it is body stockings, girdles, socks and tights, thongs and so forth. For women, any of her buy lingerie stockings means more than just underwear to put on. Sexy leg wear is her best representation of her overall personality. This is especially true when she is spending an intimate moment with her beloved one. Believe it or not, it can take more than a week for a woman to prepare her sexiest lingerie body stockings to perfection, before wearing it in one single night.

hoisery and stockings
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Fetish Collection

So, what about you? Are you the kind of a woman, who stays updated with the latest buying lingerie products? Do you always Lingerie Body Stockings & Garters as your main wardrobe collection? Then you should browse around the complete stocks of body stockings and garters. You will be amazed how they will fit your needs and budgets, and of course, fit your perfect body figure. Men have been salivating over leggings and hosiery for many years, and it’s one of the more popular lingerie fetishes out there with hundreds of adult websites dedicated to feet fetish, stocking and lingerie, and this includes both heterosexual and homosexual adult films.

It’s surprising just how prolific this particular fetish is among adult fetish videos.

Lingerie stockings and garters are varied in fabrics, styles, and prices.

All of them are very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank account for the sake of your sexiest performance. Check our collections of body stockings that will amaze your beloved sexual partner. They are varied in designs as you can choose either fishnet, crotch less, sheer and so forth.

They will be your best options to give the most pleasant surprise for your partner, who is going to spend a night with the sexiest angel in the world.

 hosiery and stockings
collections of body stockings

Or, you might want to try the bestselling strapless see-through net dress collections in striking colors. They are perfectly fitted to your body, while the fishnet will reveal your gorgeous body parts. Most of our buyers claim that they have enjoyed their most intimate moments with their partners, every time they wear this beautifully designed tight dress.

Elegant Look

For a more elegant look, you might want to try the lace body stocking in black. Imagine how the black lace will make your partner wish to undress you. Its design shows off the mysterious side of a woman, who is willing to reveal only the enticing parts of the body. There is no man in the world, who can stand seeing his lovely partner in this gorgeous lingerie.

Sheer fishnet mini dress and stocking are other favorite lingerie sets that our buyers keep searching for. They are available in such enticing colors like the flaming red or strong violet. Some of them are sold separately, in which buyers can just mix and match them, based on their taste. Some of the fishnet mini-dresses are also available with faux garter stocking, which can really perform your ultimate sexy performance.


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There is nothing that your lover can do, other than bending his knees in front of you.

For us, quality is the most important thing, because our clients do not deserve to look and feel unsexy and uncomfortable at the same time. They need to enjoy their intimate moments comfortably and confidently. Imagine if you buy low quality stockings or fishnet mini dress in low quality fabrics. Your skin may suffer from itchy feeling or even allergy, during your romantic lovemaking sessions. We don’t want to ruin our own reputation, which has been built over many years.

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