Why Choose An Adult Lifestyle Centres?

by abhayalc

What Makes A Good Adult Shop?

Adult Lifestyle Centres have a massive amount of sex-positive products available for you to browse and discover at our lifestyle centres.

We carry a wide range of adult products and vibrators sourced from all over the world that have originated in Sweden (Lelo), America (Doc Johnson), Germany (Fun Factory), the UK, Australia and even Canada (We-vibe).  Under one roof we are able to bring the best of the sex world to your fingertips. Through the use of interactive displays, product testers and promotional videos.

Not only will you be able to see, and feel the products

But you’ll be in a position to learn the unique and fun ways with which these toys can provide a variety of sexual pleasures. Bring new and exciting passion into the bedroom. This is one of the reasons why we are actively involved in trade shows as we want our staff and stores to be on the ball when it comes to the latest in sexual products.

It’s not just a sex toy to us, it’s about a personal investment in your pleasure!

Adult Lifestyle Centres
sexpo australia

Sexpo Australia

Sheer amount of products we have in our stores rivals the range of products one could find at a large scale event such as “Sexpo” and “Everything about Sex Shows”.

These sex shows will often cater to the big businesses on the market.  As such you’ll often find that you miss out on the new innovative products that are developed by smaller ‘indie’ companies.  We source these indie products for our own stores allowing you to get the widest selection possible.

It is our aim to ensure that you leave with the product that best fits your needs. We also understand that not everyone is in the market for toys. And we also stock a wide range of erotica that encompasses books and magazines, films, and even sex guides.

Even if you’re after your first adult movie, regardless of your sexuality, we can help.

adult lifestyle centres

Sex Positive Lifestyle

In saying this, we also source a lot of products for their uses with people that suffer from mental and physical disabilities. We believe in the accessibility of a sex-positive lifestyle for all.

This is an initiative which we started in our wheelchair accessible adult shop in Kogarah.  We expanded to all our stores across the Sydney metropolitan area.  Also we understand that some products simply do not live up to their reputation or are plagued with issues. As such we only stock the highest quality toys immediately removing any products from our shelves that we have concerns with.

We don’t compromise on the quality of our stock. That’s why we stock some of the biggest names in the industry, including we-vibe, fun factory and Lelo.

adult lifestyle centres
Lelo Australia
Premium Brands

Prices you will discover are competitively priced against other adult shops both online and in store. Despite us being smaller than some of the other Adult Store Businesses out there, we have the ability to bring you these amazing prices because of the amount of stock we source.

It’s simple, if you receive the lowest price point around Australia, you will have no reason to go elsewhere.  Each Adult Lifestyle Centre has knowledgeable and courteous staff that prides themselves on their expertise and professionalism.

Experienced Consultants

Our staff at the Adult Lifestyle Centres are experienced in every field of the adult industry. Not only do they attend conferences and sex shows to keep up to date with the latest information out there. But you will find that many of them are engaged with the community and enjoy providing advice that benefits your sexual lifestyle.

Some of our staff volunteer within NGO’s such as ACON.  Do volunteer work for youth and sexual health services such as The Warehouse in Penrith. Or are simply active within diverse lifestyles and sexualities within the LGBTIQ community, or even within Fetlife.

Our staff will work with you

So that you can get individual and specialised attention to ensure you achieve your goals by personalizing your experience, and tailoring it to your needs and wants.

Our staff are trained to listen to your requests. And then recommend products and services that will best fit and suit your personalised needs. Thing is, everyone is different, each individual person has their own unique likes and dislikes and as such it is important that our staff are able to listen.

adult lifestyle centres

LGBTIQ Safe Spots & Friendly

We don’t just hire anybody at our stores.

All of our staff are interviewed and undergo a selective process to ensure that they are an appropriate fit within the Adult Lifestyle Centre ethos. Our staff are patient, understanding and we have set up our locations to be welcoming to females and couples in a non-threatening, non-judgemental environment. If you are shy, let us know and we will help ease you into this new lifestyle and let you browse.

Discover at your own pace.

All of our staff are trained in asking specific questions in order to unravel your interests, and they are trained in both recommending beginner’s toys, as well as more advanced toys depending, of course on the individual client.

Choosing  Adult Lifestyle Centres is the most mature decision you could make because you owe it to yourself to allow some pleasure, love and sensual spirituality into your life.  Life is fast-paced and stressful. But shopping for your next adult toy shouldn’t be.

Life is about enjoyment and the products that we sell will supplement and help you to enjoy life in new and profound ways.

The Stores Are Awesome

Reasons then that you would choose an Adult lifestyle centre are simple.

Our stores are awesome. We have dedicated staff who continually revamp the stores to keep them modern and edgy, and you’re not going to find toys from the 90’s in any of our stores. They’re brightly lit, clean and above all, fun.  Products that we stock will surpass anything else that you have seen before. Inclusive of major brands as well as the smaller indie brands that have brought out some incredibly innovative and unique Adult Products.

Adult Lifestyle Centres

Our staff are highly trained, and specialise in a variety of lifestyles. As well as being in a position to be informative in a fun and entertaining manner.

Lastly, we don’t care who you are, where you came from, your likes or dislikes, gender or sexuality, or even if you suffer from mental or physical disabilities. As we consider it paramount to provide you with the best service that we can, recommending products to you which best fits your needs and desires.

It is for these reasons why you should seriously consider shopping with Adult Lifestyle Centres.

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