Advantages of Anime Sex Dolls

by abhayalc

People tend to fantasize anime sex dolls like the characters that they have seen from a recent anime series that they have watched. Some wanted to constantly look for ways to recreate the mundane things that are happening in their life and turn them into something creative.

This creativity has led to the conceptualization, visualization, and creation of sex dolls. Fortunately, the recent advances in technology have turned them into reality. This is sought after, especially in times of pandemics where people are required to quarantine and isolate themselves from others.

Why Use Sex Dolls?

Today, there are debates where parties support the use of sexy, beautiful sex dolls. Others believe that they can satisfy the sexual urges of men and others think that it can ruin relationships due to unrealistic expectations.

Some make funny banters, jokes, and fights about these toys on social media. However, with an anime sex doll, there are no awkward positions and dramatic talk of the future. Remember that the banters shouldn’t be taken seriously, and if you’re looking for reasons to get the dolls, here are some for you.

Why Choose Anime Sex Dolls?

  1. They are Waiting and Readily Available for You

A sex doll that resembles the face of your favorite “waifu” or anime character is ready for you anytime you want. They are there 24/7, and you just have to make sure that their batteries are charged enough before you can use them. These toys are often used by single males who don’t have a companion but have high sex drives.

Dolls can be utilized to have a more fulfilling experience. If your partner constantly says no, instead of using other women and getting entangled in a messy relationship, it may be better to satisfy yourself with an anime doll.

  1. Reduce the Chances of Being Unfaithful

This is related to the availability discussed above. Some partners are open to using toys, and this may actually reduce one’s chances of becoming unfaithful. Unsatisfied sexual urges can be dangerous when they are not met, leading to unhappiness in a relationship.

Some people may have a lot of partners, but they tend to cheat because of dissatisfaction. If sex is something that you would want now, but your partner may be pregnant, has a headache, or has gotten sleep, there’s always the doll where you can satiate yourself. You are not really cheating on your fam and life can continue the way it is.

anime sex dolls
Beautiful Sex Doll
  1. Improvement in Performance

These toys are often the same sizes and shapes as a partner, and it’s not surprising that you can do several tricks with them. Try newer positions and become a better sex partner in the process. When it comes to an anime character, you can choose the Bakunyu with the explosive breasts to feed your fantasy.

You can also try the lolicons that are wearing Japanese high school uniforms but have massive assets to show. Some are available in catgirls, where they have perky tits, cat ears, and big boobs.

  1. No Need to Build Relationships

People who are too busy to be in a relationship want to have a no-strings-attached kind of partnership. If you just need to do ejaculation, you can do so without any hassle and without the need to damage your relationship.

Some partners are open to the toys and are essentially free from emotional attachments and burdens that come with having sex with another person. You’ll not need any commitment while enjoying your life to the best.

  1. No Complaints

Dolls don’t provoke, complain, or judge you. There’s no need for an awkward talk after, during, or before getting laid. There’s never an embarrassing moment and any questions about the “where all of this is headed” and “are we going out” thing.

Your dick’s size doesn’t matter, and they are fine whether it’s small or big. You don’t have to kill yourself when you’re trying to satisfy them. Knock them over or satiate yourself immediately until the battery becomes empty. They are there for your complete and total satisfaction without asking for anything in return. Everything is short and sweet.

  1. Ideal for those who are Socially Awkward

Not every man has the courage to woo the ladies that they want. Some are just socially awkward where no matter how they want to pursue an attractive and sexy blonde, they just can’t do it. There’s also the lack of time to woo a woman, or they just don’t want to convince anyone of your worth. They are very convenient for a specific class of introverts.

Introverts exist, and they prefer the company of anime and toys rather than real people. These dolls are convenient for these classes of people who don’t have social lives. It’s better than sex dolls than going out into the streets assaulting people in a sense.

anime sex dolls
SHOP NOW! Sex Dolls
  1. Forget about the Covers

As they say, it’s better to have sex without any kind of cover like a condom. There’s just something satisfying when you start nutting inside a warm puna”. This opportunity is available in a warm puna, and you can do this with reckless abandon. There’s no scare in getting women pregnant, no STIs, and STDs. This is an enjoyment that won’t kill you.

  1. Save More Money

It’s expensive enough to take a woman in a motel to have a one-night stand. Also, there are no club nights, restaurant dates, Easter, Valentine’s Christmas, Anniversary, Ramadan, and Sallah. No need to go with candlelit dinners, no request for taxis, shopping, ice cream pizza, and flowers.

There’s no need to save for Brazilian hair or makeup products. The initial costs of acquiring a doll will be an investment since there will be no other recurring expenses and maintenance afterward.

A History about Sex Dolls

Dutch sailors first invented sex dolls in the 17th century but it is rumored Japanese sex dolls were first. They were ideal for maritime navigation and helping the sailor ease their isolation and demands for sexual activities during months of a voyage at sea. Because of the toys, it’s believed that everyone’s happiness has increased, and it also avoided many issues between the crews and the management.

In WWII, the Nazis found the sex dolls convenient, and they were distributed in several battle camps. They were a more practical and disease-free alternative at the time.

Nowadays, these toys can still play more critical roles in society

Easing isolation from the pandemic. The difference between the toys from the past centuries to today is because of modern technology. The dolls today have more realistic looks, and they are more refined.

They feel like a person, and many apply artificial intelligence so that it’s hard to differentiate them from a real person from afar. The eyes, hair, and body are incredibly realistic, and they can even resemble your favorite porn stars or anime characters.

Trends are Coming Out

Another feature that you can look for is that when a new anime, movie, or game is released, you can expect them to follow these trends. The characters and their best versions can be customized and created into sex dolls. The market and consumers’ demands have diversified, and the factories today are making sure that these are all met.

One of their most important features is to satisfy the needs of a user.

So many people are scared of unplanned pregnancies, marriage, or commitments that these toys are one of their best alternatives. At a price range of $3,000, you can expect that they are ultra-realistic, and the figure will feel and look like that of a woman. It seems that your favorite anime characters have reincarnated in your world to accompany you through the lonely nights. You can watch lots of videos about them to explore more of their full abilities and features.

With their sultry looks, tiny waists, and large breasts, the sexbots are something that you can rely on. Their labia and other orifices are easy to wash, and they have lubrication systems and technologies that can even mimic the orgasm of a woman.


There are also cons that you need to consider when getting sex dolls. However, if you think that they are worth it, then, by all means, go for them. Weigh in the advantages and disadvantages and check if they are right for you. Some of the disadvantages are the following:

  1. Initial Costs

Most people may not be able to afford to buy a sex doll. In countries where some are minimum wage earners, most of the workforce may find it too expensive to shell out thousands of dollars for a fuck machine.

  1. Social Isolation

Man is a social animal that seeks a lot of ways to connect with others. Even with the advent of social media and the internet, people still want to have sex with real human beings and not dolls. The intimacy provided by the dolls may cause them to isolate themselves more. You may want to get emotional, mental, moral, and financial support, which won’t be available with the dolls.

You can always get laid whenever you want on the flip side, so this is still an advantage for you!

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