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Nipple clamps: something a bit sensual and a bit unusual, no longer constricted to the BDSM set, nipple/ areola clamps have advanced into a bedroom standard for Australian's of all persuasions.

A Nipple clamp can simulate a person playing with, sucking or biting nipples. Nipple clamps can be used by either gender, though men's nipples are usually smaller and so they will need a smaller nipple clamp. They are popular amongst people who enjoy bondage as part of their love making or sexual foreplay. Adjustable nipple clamps can heighten pleasure and can be tweaked as the man or woman reaches sexual peak or orgasm. Some people like to use adjustable nipple clamps and nipple chains during masturbation to increase their self-pleasure or simulate someone being with them

Simple Nipple Clamps With Pink Alligator Clips And Rings

Nipple clamps help torment by limiting blood stream from erect nipples by applying weight to them. Individuals can get sexual joy from seeing Nipple braces connected. They are utilized as a part of some BDSM exercises, for example, tit torment. The utilization of Nipple clips is frequently depicted in the media as deviant or kinky sexual conduct.

There are many types of nipple clamps that range from clover clamp, tweezer brace, and clothes pin style. For use on yourself, successful application requires the user to locate a balance between the measure of agony and joy by tweaking the level of weight applied by the clip. The clamps are commonly utilized as a part of sets and connected by a chain. Weights may be swung from the clips to expand the weight on the nipples, and to discourage the clipped individual from moving abruptly (for instance, bouncing when spanked or paddled), since this would make the weights swing and increase the pain.

Silver Nipple Clamps With Vibrating Attachment For Nipple Pleasure

Men may also use nipple clamps on their testicles, their most sensitive area of their genitals, for the feeling of pain and testicular torture.  Some cock rings have additional rings attached so one may easily attach their nipple clamps to their cock ring. When their body moves around, the clamps will move with causing a little kink that is sure to help get them off.

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