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Dildos and Vibrators

Vibrators were developed in the early 20th century to solve “female hysteria,” vibrators have seen a massive change since then in terms of design, materials, shapes, patterns, practicality and even functions.  This hands down is the standard of any Adult Lifestyle Centre and the most requested product we have to offer. There are many brands, styles, materials and producers of vibrators and they are not limited by the user’s gender. It is acceptable for any gender or sexual orientation to use a vibrator. Guys‐ there are even vibrators geared directly for your pleasure.  

Jimmy Jane Toy Range With Pink Silicone Detail And Rechargeable Base

In Victorian times 'female hysteria' was a common 'illness' and in order to cure this ailment, doctors would literally masturbate their patient's genitals until an orgasm was achieved. Doctors would often complain of the physical work needed for each patient and this lead a man named George Taylor to create the original steam-powered vibrator.  The steam powered version failed to excite and in 1880 a new design was accepted. Ladies were going in flocks to purchase what society called the 'massager'. They began to become main stream and appearing in very early pornographic films.

Today, the vibrator is hands down the standard of any Adult Lifestyle Centre and the most requested product we have to offer.

Luxury Lelo Isignia Range For Soraya In Three Colours Available At All Boutique Adult Stores

There has been a massive shift even in the last ten years in terms of the ergonomically design, materials, shapes of the vibrator, vibration speeds and settings, and even colours on offer. Some popular types of vibrators include the G-spot, Clitoral and rabbit vibrators.

Today, we are spoiled for choices and have to ask ourselves a lot more questions when deciding which vibrator to choose from the many on offer.

Dildos come in a multitude of different sizes, colours, materials, patterns, vibrations or non, textures, thicknesses and can be operated by battery or rechargeable. Some dildos are even cast using famous pornography actors’ real penis. A dildo is the name for a sex toy that is more realistic looking than not. They sometimes have suction cups at the base for suction to glass or tiles. Softer dildos are made out of a UR-3 technology which mimics the feeling of human skin. If using lubrication with a dildo, it’s best to use water based lubricant as silicone could ruin the material. Some dildos look enormous and you find yourself asking “who could take such a large one?” Well if you’re happy with the girth but not the length, simply don’t insert it the full way. This gives yourself a challenge and gives you something to work on. Finding the perfect dildo for you is an exciting process of trial and experimentation. The right dildo can change your entire life.

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