Choosing A Sex Toy For People With Disabilities

Choosing A Toy For Someone With Disabilities | Sex Toys For People With Disabilities

Things To Consider When Buying A Disability Sex Toy |Disabilities And Sex Toys

Sex toys are not for everyone and even if one was able bodied there are many things that should be considered before purchasing a new sex toy. There are a myriad of guides out there in helping people choose a new sexual aide, but few of them are geared towards people with disabilities. This guide should be considered an informative guide of things to consider when buying sex toys if you have disabilities. We are moving past the idea of considering and viewing people with disabilities as asexual, yet despite this, the idea or thought of people with differing physical abilities using adult toys to pleasure themselves or their partners may seem to be a bit of an out there concept. The aim of this article is to give you the ideas of things you to consider before visiting one of our Adult Lifestyle Centres. That way, if you have a disability and seeking a new (or your first) sex toy you can be better informed. The information contained herein will also serve as a useful resource for carers to provide information to their disabled dependent, so that you can separate the good toys from the bad toys in myriad of sex toys that are out there.



The thing is that when it comes to sex toys, the majority of sex toys are created with mainstream society in mind. This is of a financial benefit, why make sex toys and products for people with disabilities which only a small percentage of the population may use, in comparison to being able to market to the entirety of the population and ultimately sell more toys? What often happens with this kind of mentality, is that the benefit that the product has for people with a disability is not necessarily realised until after the product has come out.

People will experiment with the toy, blog online their findings, and over time it will eventually come out that toy X and Y is good for people with disabilities for appropriate reasons. Rarely are sexual products brought out with the specific need of stimulating people with a disability. As such, people with physical limitations will often need to be a little more creative with their sexual development in order to accommodate for their different bodies. This is an absolute shame, though on a side note I will add that there are a few indie companies out there which specialise specifically and sole-heartedly in the development of toys for use with and by people with disabilities.

It is therefore essential in finding the right sex toy which will match not only the individual needs and desires but also their capabilities as well. At Adult Lifestyle Centres, our staff have been trained with this in mind, and we have a variety of go-to toys which can be used by people with disabilities, and further, through peer research and the attendance of product shows and the like, we have gained access to a wealth of information concerning the use of sex toys in partnership with disabilities, and the modification of sex toys to assist people with disabilities.


People Face Challenges With Life Why Do They Need To Also Find Challenges With Their Sex Life


Whilst there are also a bunch of challenges when considering a sex toy, even with able-bodied individuals, people with disabilities need to consider different types of factors when selecting their sex toys and they will need to ask themselves or consider different questions such as;

  • How easy is it to operate given my physical limitations?
  • What part of my body is most pleasurable to stimulate?
  • Do I have any sensation loss which I need to accommodate for?
  • What feels good on my body without causing pain?
  • What erogenous zones on my body can I reach by myself?
  • What materials are safe for me if I have allergies to different materials?

One’s physical impairment may be the most important thing to consider when thinking about a sex toy. We'll preface this by saying that when considering physical limitations this may not be restricted to muscle movement, but also the level of skin integrity that one might have. Factors such as impaired mobility may place undue pressure on the skin and cause issues with skin integrity. Further factors may include, a diminished sensation and cognition ability, impaired circulation or even moisture on the skin. Some activities, toys, and sex furniture may cause skin friction through prolonged positions and/or vibrations and this needs to be accommodated for in order to avoid skin irritation, breakdown and pressure sores. From here, we can consider the level of impairment that one might have. Impairments might entail pain, hand mobility limitations, leg mobility limitations and dexterity and strength difficulties. You would need to consider these limitations just as you would consider with any other product that is used during regular life activities. For example, you'd also need to consider how you hold onto things (through fingers, hands, your palms, the backs of your hands, forearms, against your upper arm and body, or even with your feet) as well as how much strength and stamina that this would entail.


Rechargeable Purple Body Wand Which Can Be Difficult To Use By People With Disabilities As It Requires Hand Coordination To Remove Charging Plug


There are some toys which need to be held in specific ways, or require specific movements such as undoing a button for charging in order to achieve stimulation, and there are other toys which are more general in the ways that they can be held and used. It might seem like a basic and simple thing, but it is something which not everyone considers when purchasing a sex toy. Do you need to have handles on the toy for increased stability, or are you able to hold the base of the toy? Sizes of the toys, handles, and their various weights may also need to be considered based on the physical limitations of the individual. Strength is something else which will need to be considered, is it easier to flip a switch or is it easier to turn a dial - sexual aides need to be turned on and the ability to turn them on and off at will increase the level of privacy that an individual has as they will not need to rely on an Occupational Therapist to help them turn on and off their devices. Other things which need to considered are an individual’s ability to move, and as well as the consideration as to which positions are they most comfortable in; that being sitting up, laying down, or standing up. From here the thought would be what type of sexual aide would be most beneficial in achieving stimulation through the position taking in mind all the factors as mentioned above.


Couple With Mobility Issues Enjoying A Day Out Might Also Experience Less Sensation During Their Intimate Play


One of the last considerations that would need to be dealt with are issues concerning sensation; which body parts would one be interested in providing stimulation to taking into account the level of sensations that one might have across the body. The insertion of sexual aides into an orifice with diminished sensation can be quite dangerous and care needs to be taken in this regard to avoid serious and unwanted injury. Toys that heat up, toys that expand, or even constrict the genitalia should be used with caution when one has diminished sensation. However, it should be noted, and we have mentioned this previously, that just because one has limited or no sensation, in the genital region does mean that they can't have an orgasm. Orgasms can be achieved through the stimulation of other body parts, which can trigger corresponding parts of the brain into inducing an orgasm.

Once all the considerations concerning physical mobility have been thought through, then it is time to think about the fun. Considerations here concern the level of sensation one has across their body, regarding what arouses and intrigues them. From here it needs to be considered as to whether it is for solo sexual activity or if there will be a partner involved. A partner can ease some of the limitations standing in the way of an individual with disabilities, or it might complicate the issue by having a second set of considerations added to the mix. Sexual experience with another individual might also give them knowledge into the things that they like or dislike, or they might be starting from fresh. It needs to be noted that just because one hasn't had a sexual partner does not mean that they have not had the opportunity to explore themselves sexually, and thus they may not be clueless about their sexuality. As such, the individual with disabilities should be consulted in order to determine what they may or may not like themselves, in the absence of higher cognitive discussion - a carer could assist based on observations and notes as to the clients’ interests.



People with disabilities still have sex, and they can still use sex toys for achieving sexual stimulation. The only difference that there is, is that the selection of a sex toy for a person with disabilities is not an easy task. There are a multitude of considerations that need to be adhered to, and it could take an incredible amount of research in order to find precisely what one is after. It's worth noting that Adult Lifestyle centre staff have all been trained to recommend various products with specific disabilities - further they have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to individual toys and specific sexual aides so if you're after something in particular, either for yourself or on behalf of someone else, then you should consider coming in to speak with one of our friendly staff; if we don't have the exact product that you are looking for then perhaps we can learn together in creating something or finding something that best fits the specified needs. At the end of the day with a little creativity, the possibilities are endless and together we can work out a way to accommodate ones physical restrictions and sexual interests in finding a product to enhance their sex life.

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