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Anal Beads: 

Some individuals love the kink and fetish offered by anal beads. They find the sensations to be extremely stimulating as the anus is full of nerve endings. Users enjoy the heightened sensations of an orgasm brought upon by anal play. It is common to remove the anal beads as the wearer is orgasming.  This toy could be utilized by both genders and all sexual orientations.

Anal beads consist of multiple balls that are attached together that are continuously inserted into the anus and removed for a higher climax. Users of Anal beads enjoy the pleasures from when the balls pass through the narrow exit. A firmer pair of anal beads generally is easier to insert then beads connected on a flimsy rope.  There are many different styles of anal beads; some have ascending order meaning they start off smaller and the size of the individual beads increase as the length of the toy continues.

There is a misconception that anal beads are reserved for the gay community, however many heterosexual couples are taking advantage of the huge climax using anal beads can bring to both partners.

Anal Fantasy Pipedream Anal Beads Made From Black Silicone And Hypoallergenic

How would we utilize anal beads? Continuously remember three things, when using anal beads: communication, lubrication and be completely relaxed.

Before you begin playing with your new beads check the surface of the beads. The surface should be smooth. Always follow your body language when using anal beads as if you or your partner using the beads is tensing up, the application will be more difficult and you will not reach the desired results.

It is important to use a lot of water based lubricants while using anal beads because unlike the vagina, the anus isn't self-lubricating.Anal play could be enhanced by the use of vibrating anal beads.


Butt Plugs:

Butt plugs are the distant cousin of the anal beads; they come in assorted sizes and shapes. A butt plug is noticeable because of the flanges at the end (to avoid losing it).  They are usually not as long or curved as female vaginal toys. There can be different textures on the plug to give different sensations and some have the options to vibrate.

Surgical Steel Butt Plugs With Bright Jewels And Gems On The End

They can also be left in to allow the user to become accustomed to the sensation of having something inside the anal cavity. Male butt plugs can help stimulate the prostate which is located in front of the rectum between the bladder and penis. Most butt plugs designed for males have a curve in the top portion to reach the prostate. Many males that have taken advantage of anal toys have commented on how strong of an orgasm they get when reaching their prostate.

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