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What is Adult Lifestyle Centre?

An Adult Lifestyle is one where consenting adults can make informative decisions regarding the sexual aspects of their lives helping to enable a sex positive friendly adventure. At Oh Zone Sydney provides both the products and service to create the optimum for everyone, and their individual sexual needs.

Adult Lifestyle Centres are up-market adult boutiques that host an open and exciting atmosphere where regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, age (18+), single or couples can come to explore and acquire their new adult products.  Each area of the Adult Lifestyle shop is stocked with the newest innovative grown-up toys available for every sexual adventure and stage in your life. We however are more than just grown-up toys; we likewise stock:

  • Female lingerie
  • Sexual education advice
  • Fetish supplies
  • Male enhancers


Large Variety Of Lingerie At Adult Store Sydney Oh ZoneInside Of Adult Boutique At Adult Lifestyle Centres

At the Adult Lifestyle Centres we want you to perform at your peak because we know the benefits of a healthy sexual lifestyle. 

The benefits of an active sex life are:

  • Sex enhances your general wellbeing and mood
  • Keeps couples connected and shows love and passion
  • Sex provides a cardiovascular workout and can help lower your blood pressure.
  • Boosts your libido
  • Improves your sleep
  • Better self-perception

Couple Cuddling In Bed After Intense Night Of Sex When Using Sexual Aides

Oh Zone stores locations have been designed by experts to be welcoming to females and couples in nonthreatening, non‐judgemental environments. If you are shy or hesitant to come into our locations‐ let us know and we will help ease you into this new experience and let you browse and scope out our location at your own pace. Providing comfortable accessibility to quality to adult products to all adults is our primary mission.

Don’t hold back; come and explore with us now.

What truly sets apart an Adult Lifestyle Centre from the ordinary is the sheer volume and range of ground breaking products we have waiting for you to discover from all over the world; as an Adult Lifestyle Centre customer you have the widest choice at the lowest prices.  All of our locations have seating provided for partners/care givers/friends/ bored husbands. A comfortable environment to browse in is paramount for a stress free shopping experience.

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